Surname : AKDOĞAN
E-Mail :
Phone Number : (0312) 2126800/1278
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : The history of Islam and arts (Turkish Religiouse Music)
Personal Information


Doç. Dr. Bayram AKDOĞAN




            My name is Bayram Akdoğan. I’m from Trabzon orijinally but I was born in Eskişehir in 1956 and I grew in Kaynaşlı. Kaynaşlı is a small administrative town on the E-5 highway.

            I graduated from Lycee in 1977 and from High Islamic Institute in 1981 in Bursa. I completed my military obligation in Çorlu 1983 as an officer. Then, I worked as teacher in a lot of Lycees for about 5 years.

            I’m interested in music since my childhood. I participated in a lot of music groups and played Turkish music instruments. For example Baghlama, Zurna, Reed flute, Zitherlike instrument, Violin, Lute etc.

            I won an examination of assistantship in the Faculty of divinity at Ankara University in 1988. Then, I completed my master’s program in 1991 and I went to Tunisia for 10 months as a rearcher. I worked an Magrib Music, collected some documents, practiced on Arabic language and French there.

            I completed my doctorate program and graduated in 1996. I wrote a lot of article on Turkish Religious Music and Islamic Music. I presented a lot of  concert on Msytic, Art and Folk Music. I participated in music programs on television and radio. I spoke on Islam and music art.

            I became a teacher (Yrd. Doç. Dr.) in 1999. At present I am working in the same Faculty as the Head of Turkish Religious Music Department.

            I worked on a manuscript it’s name “Er-Risâletü’t-Tenzîhiyye fî-Şe’ni’l-Mevleviyye” by Ankaravî as a Associate Prof. Dr. Thesis and I became Associate Prof. Dr. In 2011. I work at the same Faculty as a head of Turkish Religiouse Music Department since 1999. I participated    to a lot of music concert and music recital program in Turkey and other countries. For example in Tunusia, Greece, Austria, Germany, Swiss, France, England, South Africa, Australia, Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan, Norvey etc.

I’m married, I have two girls an one son. My big girl married two years ago. I am living with my wife and two children im my flat in Keklikpınarı. My wife is also an official teacher of The Holy Koran. My children are interested in music also. The big girl (Ayşe Nur) is a reed flut player, my other girl (Fatma Nur) is a violin player and my son (Mustafa Said)  is a tambourine and zitherlike instrument player.