Name : BERNA
Surname : ARDA
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Phone Number : 00903125958161
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : History of Medicine and Ethics
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Personal Information

Arda was born in Gaziantep and finished primary and secondary schools there. Between 1981 and 1987 she studied medicine in Ankara University School of Medicine. In 1987 she had the right to enter the Department of Medical Ethics of this faculty by Medical Specialty Examination. She attained the “doctor of science” title by finishing medical specialist degree in 1990 and also PhD program in the same field in 1993. She become associate professor in Ankara University School of Medicine, Department of History of Medicine and Ethics in 1993 and was assigned to the full professor position in 1999.


Dr. Arda served as associate editor for Turkish Journal of Medical Ethics (1994 -1999) and as a member of Higher Council of Health between 2007 and 2008. She also worked as a member of Turkish High Council of Universities, Ethical Commission (2003 – 2009) and UNESCO Turkey National Commission, Bioethics Specialization Committee (November 2006 – March 2013).  She was elected to Turkish Medical Association High Disciplinary Council for the 2008-2012 period.


In August 2010, she was elected as a vice-president of WAML (World Association for Medical Law) and she is one of the Governors of WAML since 2006. She is the chair of board of International Association of Ethics Education (IAEE) till 2016.


Dr. Arda has been to USA (Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital) as a visiting scientist between February- July 2015 and UK (University College of London; UCL) as guest professor in the term of January-June 2008. 

She served as an expert for collecting data for Turkey on GEOBS Database4; Ethics-related legislation and guidelines( stage 1 and stage 2, Sep. 2010- Nov. 2011). Dr. Arda has been involved an international project; “International Research Ethics Initiative- Turkey/Central Asia (NIH/ IR25TW009248-01) as an national advisor(2012-17).


Apart from the ethics, occupational ethics license lectures she gives as an instructor at Ankara University School of Medicine and in other faculties of the university and “Medical Ethics and History of Ethics” program at her own department, “Science Ethics and History of Science” integrated lecture within the doctorate program of Ankara University Institute of Health Sciences and “Ethics” within the doctorate program of Ankara University Institute of Biotechnology and “Bioethics and Woman” within the Department of Woman Studies masters program of Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences are some of the lectures she has been regularly conducted since the 2003-2004 academic year. She also attended the “educators of ethics” courses as an instructor in different countries (Manheim 2006, Riyadh 2007(Unesco), Baku in 2008, Dubrovnik 2012(Unesco)).


British Medical Journal, Journal of Medical Ethics, Journal of Medicine and Law, Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics,  Medicine, Health and Philosophy, International Journal of Ethics Education are the main journals for which she serves as reviewer.


Research and publication ethics, medicine and human rights, gen-ethics, bioethics, ethics education, the historical dimension of the disease concept are her main areas of interest. Being twenty-five of them in English language, she has more than one hundred publications ( March 2016).