Surname : ARISOY
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Phone Number : 0312 319 1450 - 1139
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Personal Information

Name:   Münevver

Surname: Arısoy



Ankara University, Health Science Faculty, Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Altındağ, 06340 Ankara, Turkey


0312 319 14 50-1139   0 542 211 70 54


0 312 319 70 16





Dates                                                  Degree/Status

2008                                                                                 Professor

1998                                                                                 Associate Professor(General Biology)

1988-1993          Hacettepe University , Biology Dept.     PhD (General Biology)

1985-1988          Hacettepe University , Biology Dept.     MSc (General Biology )

1980-1985          Hacettepe University , Biology Dept..    BSc


Title of Master Thesis: Removal of lignin and color from kraft effluent with biodisc reactor.


Of some carsinogenic and toxic compounds by white-rote fungi



Date         University

2007-         Ankara Unıversity, Health Sciences Faculty

2002-           Ankara  University,    Institute of Biotechnology          

1997-2007     Ankara University , Health education Faculty

1986-1997     Hacettepe University , Science Faculty




TEACHING General Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Nutrition Practice in Institions And Hospitals, Seminar


•  High Performance Award from İhsan Doğramacı, 1985

• Science and Encouragement Award for Students from Hacettepe University  as graduation from biology department with first honor and from faculty with third honor  (1985)

•  Poster Price from International Disease Managment Symposium “Urinary Tract Infection”in , Almanya (Weimar) entitled with “Relationship between susceptibility to the antimicrobials and some virulence factors in E.coli in children” (2006)


International Publication


1.  Arısoy, M. ve Kolankaya, N., 1997, Biodegradation of Lindane by Pleurotus sajor-caju and Toxic Effects of Lindane and its Metabolites on Mice. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 59, 3,  352-359.

2.  Arısoy, M., 1998, Biodegradation of Chlorinated Organic Compounds by White-rot Fungi , Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 60, 6, 872-876.

 3. Arısoy, M., 1998, The Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Treatment on Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Straw. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 22: 165–170.

 4. Bozcuk, A.N., Sumer, S., Ozsoy, E.D. and Arısoy, M., 2004, Age-related Enzyme      Activity in Different Genotypes of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) in Drosophila melanogaster, Biogerontology 5: 243-247.

5.  Sanin, S.,  Arısoy, M., Tıpırdamaz, R. and Saydam C., 2005, Effect of saharan dust on biodegradation on phenol by white-rot fungi, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 75, 3, 466-473.

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          12.  Kocaoba, S., Arısoy,M., 2011, The use of a white rot fungi (Pleurotus ostreatus) immobilized on    Amberlite XAD-4 as a new biosorbent in trace metal determination, Bioresource Technology,  102, 8035-8039.


International Presentation (Oral)

1. Bozcuk, A.N., Sümer, S., Arısoy, M. ve Özsoy, E.D., 1997, “Age Related Activity of Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Different Genotypes of Drosophila melanogaster,” 1997 World Congress of Gerontology. Adelaide, South Australia, 205.

2.  Bozcuk, A.N., Sümer, S., Özsoy, E.D. ve Arısoy, M., 1999, “Age Related Changes of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (E.C. Activity in Various Genotypes of Drosophila melanogaster,” The First International Biosciences Days, The First Congress of Balkan Association of Biosciences, XVth National Congress of Biochemistry, Clinical Laboratory Automation Symposium II, Antalya, Lecture–05.

3.  Kolankaya, N., Ünal,A., Arısoy,M., Şam,M., 2003, Application of Lignolytic Systems for Bioremiadiational Purposes, 3rd Balkan Conference of Microbiology, Microbiologia Balkanica, oral presentations 1C: 45-52.

4.Menteşe, S., Arısoy, M. , Yousefi Rad A., Güllü, G., 2008, Bioaerosol levels in indoor and outdoor environments of AnkaraTurkey, The 11th International Confernce on Indoor Air Quality and Climate Paper ID:81

5. Aytar,P., Demir,A.,Gedikli,S., Çabuk,A. and  Arısoy,M., 2011, Laccase productionwith submerged and solid state fermantation: benefit and cost analysis, ECCE 2011 and ECAB2011 ,Berlin-Germany

International Presentation (Poster)

1.   Tıpırdamaz, R., Arısoy, M., Sanin, S. And Saydam, C., 2003, Effect of Saharan Dust on the Biodegradation of Phenol by White Rot Fungi, 12th International Symposium on Environmental pollution and its Impact on Life in the Mediterranean region. MESAEP and SECOTOX, 132.

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    7. Kocaoba, S., Duman, M. and Arısoy,M.,2009 “The use of Phanerochaete  chrysosporium     immobilized on Amberlite XAD-16 as a new biosorbent in copper and cadmium determination”New Biotechnology, 25, Sup1,255.