Name : ASENA
Surname : YALÇIN
E-Mail : asenayalcin@ankara.edu.tr
Phone Number : (0312) 212 85 77
Title : ÖĞR. GÖR. DR.
Department : Medical Physics
ABS Url:https://abs.ankara.edu.tr/asena-yalcin
Personal Information

Academic Career

2010- 2020        PhD, Ankara University, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Medical Physics Department

2007- 2009        MSc, Ankara University, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Medical Physics Department

2002- 2006        BSc, Ankara University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Physics Engineering


Nuclear Medicine , Diagnostic radiology, Radiation Protection, Medical Imaging

MSc Thesis Subject

Comparison of Image Processing Algorithms of different Systems by using Standard Phantom in Planar and Tomographic Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

PhD Thesis Subject

 Determination of System Performance in Digital Radiography by Using Monte Carlo             And Experimental Techniques


15.03.2018-2019 TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey) Project, “Development of A Multi-Purpose Image Quality Phantom In Digital Radiography Systems” (Project coordinator)

2013-2015 TUBITAK Project, “Image Quality and Radiation Dose Optimization in Digital Imaging Systems Used in Diagnostic Radiology”

2005-2008  State Planning Organisation (DPT) Project (2005K120130), “Radiation Applications and Technologies Development Project” (Project asistant)


(May 7-8, 2015) Regional Meeting on Medical Physics in Europe: Current Status and Future Perspectives, IAEA – Vienna, Austria

 (October 17-20, 2009) International Symposium on Current Topics in Diagnostic             Medical   Physics, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) –International           Scientific Exchange Programs (ISEP)&Ankara University -Institute of Nuclear Sciences –   Ankara, Turkey.

(September 6-10, 2021) EVT2101733: Virtual Event on Establishment and Utilization of Diagnostic Reference Levels in Medical Imaging, IAEA – Vienna, Austria.


International papers

Kurt, A., Bor, D., Tastan, S., Donmez, S., & Haciosmanoglu, T. (2012). Accuracy of          Clinical Protocols in SPECT. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, 40(4), 259-264.

 Yalcin, A., & Olgar, T. (2018). Characterizing the digital radiography system in terms of   effective detective quantum efficiency and CDRAD measurement. Nuclear Instruments         and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors           and  Associated Equipment, 896, 113-121.

Bor, D., Guven, A., Yusuf, A. R., Birgul, O., Yuksel, S., Yalcin, A., ... & Olgar, T. (2019). A modified formulation of eDQE for digital radiographic imaging. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 156, 6-14.

 Yalcin, A., Olgar, T., Sancak, T., Atac, G. K., & Akyar, S. (2020). Correlation between       physical measurements and observer evaluations of image quality in digital chest   radiography. Medical Physics, 47(9), 3935-3944.

National Papers

       Haluk YUCEL, Ayşe Nur SOLMAZ, Asena   KURT, Tolga İNAL, Doğan DOR.

Disk Kaynak Geometrisi İçin 30-670keV Gama Işını   Enerji Aralığında CdZnTe

Dedektörünün Dedeksiyon Verimi, Gazi Üniversitesi   Mühendislik Mimarlık 

Fakültesi Dergisi 2008, 23(3):699-707

Oral Presentations

Yalcın A., Olgar T. Effect Of Grid Parameters On eDQE And Correlation Of Objective And Subjective Assessments In Digital Radiography. Sixth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research, June 18-22, Ohrid, Makedonia, 2018.

Ergun L., Yaman B. , Guven A.,  Rasim A., Birgul O., Olgar T,  Yalcın A., Yuksel S,  Bor D.  DQE vs. eDQE Comparison Using Flat Panel Detector for Different Radiological Examination Conditions. 14. Medical Physics Congress, 21-24 November, Antalya, Turkey, 2013.

 Rasim A., Yaman B. , Guven A.,  Ergun L., Birgul O., Olgar T,  Yalcın A., Yuksel S,  Bor D.         Measuring the Scattered Beams in Different Phantoms with Beam Stop Technique and       Investigation of the Effects of Patient Dose and Image Quality,” 14. Medical Physics Congress,   November 21-24, Antalya, Turkey, 2013.

 Yacın A., Bor D. Optimization studies of indirect flat panel systems. Xlll Medical Physics         Congress. November 17-19, İzmir, Turkey 2011. 

 Yüksel S, Kurt A., Bor D. Determinasiton of reference dose levels and detection of detector   performances in new generation detectors.. Xlll Medical Physics Congress. November 17-19,         İzmir, Turkey 2011.

 Bor D., Kurt A., Yuksel S. Radiation doses in diagnostic radiology. Workshop. Acıbadem           University Hospital, Istanbul, 2011.

Bor D., Demirkaya O., Kurt A., Yuksel S. Performance measurements of X-ray antiscatter grids. International Confereence on Radiation Protection in Medicine. September 1-3, Varna, Bulgaria, 2010.

 Kurt A., S. Tastan S., Bor D. Comparison of image processing and clinical algorithms of             different systems in tomographic examinations in nuclear medicine using standard phantom               27. International Physics Congress. September 14-17, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010.

 Simsek A., Kurt A., Tastan S., Haciosmanoglu T.,  Bor D.  Application of Nema and Other           Protocols in Acceptance Tests of SPECT Systems, XII. MEdical Physics Congress. October             22–24, Ankara, Turkey, 2009.

Poster Presentations

 D. Bor, S. Cubukcu, A. Yalcın, O. Birgul, N. Marshall, Investigation of effective quantum             efficiency (eDQE) parameters for a flat panel detector, ECR, Viana, Austuria, 2013.