Name : ALEV
Surname : ÖNDER
E-Mail :,
Phone Number : 0 312 203 30 89
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Department of Pharmacy Professional Sciences
Personal Information

I was graduated Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1992. I continued Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacognosy for the master course (MS) and graduated in 1993. I completed Ph.D. thesis in 2002. I had been in 2001 in Meiji Pharmaceutical College/Tokyo/JAPAN, Department of Phytochemistry and Natural Medicines in Japan during the last term of the Ph.D. thesis (for 3 months) by ONDA Scholarship. Moreover, I had been 1 year in Japan in Meiji Pharmaceutical University/Japan and Tokushima Bunri University/Japan as a post-doc fellow by TUBITAK scholar. In addition, I had visited and studied in many Universities in Europe such as Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Faculte des Sciences, Laboratoire Aromes, Syntheses et Interactions, Nice-FRANCE (2005), Universite Paul Cezanne (Aix-Marseille III), Faculte des Sciences et Techniques de Saint-Jerome, Marseille-FRANCE (2008), Academy of Sciences, Department of Autotrophic Microorganisms, Trebon-CZECH REPUBLIC (2009), Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Chemistry of Drugs and Department of Pharmacognosy, Wroclaw-POLAND (2010), Universidad Miguel Hernández-Agro-Food Technology Department, Alicante-SPAIN (2011), Universita' Degli Studi Cagliari, Dipartimento di § Cienrc Della Yita e dell'Ambiente, Cagliari/ITALY (2013), Wroclaw Medical University,ˇDepartment of Pharmaceutical Biology and Biotechnology (2014). I had been Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy, Natural Product Research Center, Seoul/SOUTH KOREA (2013) for 3 months by YÖK scholar to work on anticancer activity on some essential oils and natural products. I had promoted as Associate Prof. in 2008. I have more than 50 national and international publication in the related journals. I presented many posters and oral presentations at international symposiums and congresses in different countries. In addition and have 6 book chapter (2 in national and 4 is in international, 2 intenational book chapter in the reviewer). I had organized 2 International congresses in Ankara and in Antalya. I am on the editorial board in 2 journals interested in my field. I have interested in isolation of natural products, analysis of essential oils, isolation of coumarins, and especially the biological activity of coumarins and essential oils and other natural products. I had promoted as a full professor in 2014 and still, I work in the same university and department as a full-time professor.