Surname : CANDOĞAN
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Phone Number : 0312--2033300 (dahili-3647)
Title : PROF.DR.
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Prof. Dr. Kezban Candoğan

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Ankara University Faculty of Engineering

Department of Food Engineering

TR  06110 Dışkapı - ANKARA



(312) 2033300 (ext. 3647)



(312) 317 8711



Biographical Sketch


Kezban Candoğan is a Professor of Food Engineering at Ankara University. She received a B.S. (1985) and a M.S. (1992) from this University, and a Ph.D. (2000) from Clemson University, USA. Her MS research was on poultry meat processing whereas her doctoral work was on fermented sausage processing. In 2001, she joined the Food Engineering Department, Ankara University, as a postdoctoral fellow. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003 and to Full Professor in 2009. Professor Candoğan’s current research interests are: active packaging for muscle foods; development of functional and new meat products; and characterization of PSE meats in poultry processing plants. She is also a scientific consultant for the Turkish food industry and is a scientific advisory committee member for SETBIR (Union of Dairy, Meat, Food Processors and Producers of Turkey). Recently, she was certified as an evaluator for MÜDEK (Turkish Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs). She has more than 30 scientific publications in refereed journals and more than 50 presentations in international and national professional meetings.

Educational Background

- Ph.D. in Food Technology, Clemson University, Clemson, SC U.S.A. (2000). Dissertation topic: Bacterial Starter Cultures, Aging and Fermentation Effects on Some Characteristics of Fermented Beef Sausages. Advisor: Prof. Dr. J.C. Acton.

 - M.S. in Food Science and Technology, Ankara University, Ankara-TURKEY (1992). Dissertation topic: Effect of Potassium Sorbate and Lactic Acid on the Shelf-Life of Vacuum    Packaged Chicken Meats. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nuray Kolsarıcı.

 - B.S. in Food Science and Technology, Ankara University, Ankara-TURKEY (1989).


Honors, Awards and Distinctions  

- Fellowship by for the course "5th International Course on Food Processing-Quality Assurance and Marketing in Food Processing Enterprises" held in “International Agricultural Center” (IAC, Wageningen, the Netherlands), August 13-November 18, 1995.

-Ankara University, Research Encouragement Award in Applied Science, 1995-1996.

- Ph.D. Scholarship by YÖK (High Education Counsel of Turkey), 1997-2000.

- Alpha Epshilon Lambda Honor Society of Clemson University.


Professional Experience

-Professor, Ankara University, 2009-

-Associate Professor, Ankara University, 2003-2009.

-Post Doctoral Fellow, Ankara University, 2001-2003.

-Graduate Research Assistant, Clemson University, 1997-2000.

-Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Ankara University, 1990-1997.


Research Interest

- Meat and poultry processing, Meat and poultry product development, Improvement of the quality of the meat products. Novel technologies on muscle foods, Active packaging of muscle foods, Sensory analyses, Food ethics.


Courses Taught:


GM484 Meat Technology   

GM311 Sensory Analyses

GM315 Physical Properties of Foods

GM420 Food and Business Ethics       


809627 Selected Topics

809503 Production Faults in Meat Technology

809555 New Product Development for the Food Industry                            




Food Technology Association (Turkey), Institute of Food Technologist (1997-2001), Southern Dixie Section  of Institute of Food Technologist (1997-2001), American Meat Science Association (2000).


Other Duties




Mentor in Technology Management Certificate Program (Faculty of Engineering)

Ankara University


Vice Department Head

Department of Food Engineering, Ankara University


Organizing Committee in “Food Politics” Panel

Association of Food Engineers, Turkey


Organizing Committee in the Second Student Competition on Product Development

GaziOsmanPaşa University


Advisory scientific committee member

SETBIR (Union of Dairy, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey)

2011 to date

Trained evaluator

MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs in Turkey).

2012 to date

Trainer in Food Engineer Court Experts Program in “Food Ethics”

Association of Food Engineers, Turkey

2012 to date

Scientific Committee in “Second International Poultry Meat Congress”

BESDBIR (Poultry Meat Producers & Breeders Association)


Scientific Committee in “"59th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology- ICoMST 2013 "

Ege University, İzmir, Turkey


Editorial Board of Food Engineering Reviews


2013 to date

Editorial Board of Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture (indexed and abstracted in Science Citation Index Expanded)


Projects for the Last 5 Years:


Title of Ongoing Project

Principal and co-investigators

Start – End Dates

Supporting Institution

Technological Characteristics of PSE Chicken and Turkey Meats, and Potential Utilization of PSE Meats in Further-Processed Products

Kezban Candoğan (Principal)

Ahmet Yaman

Nuray Kolsarıcı

Eda Demirok


Ministry of Industry and Trade, POULTRY R&D (KANATLI AR-GE)



Training in Production Techniques of Commercial Table Olive/Olive Oil Types in European Countries (TOTE (TR/06/A/F/PL2-019-Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project)


Kezban Candoğan (Principal)

Kamuran Ayhan


European Union (National Agency)

Effects of Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Edible Films on the Shelf Life of Fresh Beef (BAP 2006-0745-046)

Kezban Candoğan (Principal)

Banu Özen (İzmir Isntitute of Technology)

Zehra Karagöz

Betül Kodal



Ankara University Research Foundation

Quality Changes in Marinated Anchovy Processing (TOVAG 106-O-256)

Kezban Candoğan (Principal)

Nuray Kolsarıcı

İlker T. Akoğlu

E. Dilşat Cırban




Effects of Rosemary Extract Incorporation on Storage Stability of Hamburger Patties Formulated with Different Trimming Ratios


Kezban Candoğan (Principal)

Elif İlhan


Ankara University Research Foundation

Quality Changes in Chicken Meats Packaged in Modified Atmosphere with Oxygen Scavengers

Kezban Candoğan  (Principal)

Cengiz Caner (Çanakkele Onsekiz Mart University)

Burak Demirhan



Ankara University Research Foundation