Surname : CEYLAN
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 90-312-5961753
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Animal Science, Feeds and Animal Nutrition
Personal Information

Personal Informations

 Nationality                         Turkish

Date of birth                       01.01.1966

Address   Dept. of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University, Ankara 06110-Turkey


Area of Expertise: Poultry Nutrition

Academic Carrier

(2003--)    Professor, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara-Turkey

(1996-2003) Associate Professor, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara-Turkey

(1996-1998)   Post doc. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Animal Science

(1989-1993)   P.hD. Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara-Turkey

(1987-1989)   M.Sc. Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara-Turkey

(1983-1987)   B.Sc. Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara-Turkey

Professional Affiliations

1.Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, 2017-present

2. Chair of  Feeds and Animal Nutrition Department, 2007-present.

2. President of the Association of Scientific Animal Nutrition, 2007-2009

3. Board Member of WPSA(World Poultry Science Association) Turkish Branch.

4. Member of Working Group 2 (Nutrition) of WPSA since 2011

5.Nutrition and R&D Consultant of BEYPİ, one of the biggest Broiler and Layer Company in Turkey, sice 2019-

Short CV

Necmettin Ceylan is currently a Professor at the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University, Turkey. He received both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Ankara University.

He has conducted laying hen researches during his stay at University of Nebraska, USA between years 1996-1998 as post doc. He is member of Working Group 2 (Nutrition) of WPSA and Association of Scientific Animal Nutrition.

His researches in poultry nutrition actively involved in applied nutrition trials of broilers and laying hens including feed ingredients and feed additives such as amino acids, minerals and bioactive supplements, exogenous enzymes, organic acids related to growth, performance, gut health and meat and egg quality. 

He has been also conducting R&D projects with Beypiliç , one of the biggest broiler integration company in Turkey, on broiler nutrition and feeds, and currently completed over 25 trials since 2006.

He has published over 20 peer reviewed papers, over 40 published articles and 35 abstracts in national and international conferences and meetings.


Selected publications

ÇENESİZ, A., YAVAŞ, İ., ÇİFTÇİ İ., CEYLAN N., TAŞKESEN, O. 2020. Guanidinoacetic acid supplementation is favourable to broiler diets even containing poultry by-product meal. British Poultry Science

YAVAŞ, İ., ÇENESİZ, A., CEYLAN N.,2020Effects of herbal vitamin D3 and phytase Supplementation to broiler feed on performance, bone development and serum parameters of broilers  Journal of Agricultural Sciences 26 (2020) 212-219  DOI: 10.15832/ankutbd.479182

GOLZAR ADABİ, S., CEYLAN N., ÇİFTÇİ İ., CEYLAN A. 2019 Response of growing chicks to supplementation of low protein diets with leucine, valine and glycineglutamic acid. South African Journal of Animal Science 2019, 49(6):1047-1062.

YILDIZ T, CEYLAN N, ATIK Z, KARADEMIR E, ERTEKIN B. 2018 Effect of corn distillers dried grains with soluble with or without xylanase supplementation in laying hen diets on performance, egg quality and intestinal viscosity. Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg, 24 (2): 273-280, 2018. DOI: 10.9775/kvfd.2017.18832

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GOLZAR ADAB,S.,,FANİ, A., CEYLAN,N., HAJİBABAEİ, A. and CASEY.,N.H. 2016. Enrichment of quail (Coturnix cot. japonica) eggs by omega-3 fatty acids andits nutritional effect on young healthy women. Europ.Poult.Sci., 80. 2016, ISSN 1612-9199, DOI: 10.1399/eps.2016.149

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MIZRAK,C., YENİCE, E., KAHRAMAN, Z., TUNCA, M., YILDIRIM, U., CEYLAN, N. 2014. Effects of dietary sepiolite and mannanoligosaccharide supplementation on the performance, egg quality, blood and digestion characteristics of laying hens receiving aflatoxin in their feed.Veterinary Journal of Ankara University. Vol: 61, 65-71.

ADABI,S.H.,M. AHBAB, A. R. FANI, A. HAJBABAEI, N.CEYLAN and R. G. COOPER. 2013. Egg yolk fatty acid profile of avian species – influence on human nutrition.Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition.97 (2013) 27–38

CEYLAN., N.,CANGIR,S.,   ÇÖRDÜK,M., GRIGOROV,A., ADABI,S.G.,2012.The Effects of Phytase Supplemantation and Dietary Phosphorus Level on Performance and Tibia Ash and Phosphorus Contents in Broilers Fed Maize-Soya  Based Diets. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 21, 2012, 696–704.

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Writing Book Section

CEYLAN, N. 2001. Minerals, Vitamins and Stability in Animal Nutrition. Principles of Livestock Nutrition and Some Scientific Approaches in Concentrate Production. Figür Tanıtım Reklam ve Matbacılık. İstanbul. ISBN: 975-97831-0-X. PP: 427-476.