Name : İSA
Surname : CEYLAN
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Phone Number : 03122126800-1377
Unit :
Department : Psychology of Religion
Personal Information

                                             İsa CEYLAN

                                       Research Associate of Psychology of Religion

                                                             Ankara University


Ankara University

Divinity Faculty

+90 312 212 6800 / 1377

Bahriye Üçok cad. 06500 Beşevler, Ankara, Turkey



Religion, health and spirituality, positive psychology, spiritual values, spiritual care, personality traits, addiction.



 Ph.D., Psychology of Religion, University of Ankara, Ankara, Turkey (continuing).

Title of dissertation: “The effect of spiritual values program on psychological well-being, religious coping and God perception of substance-addicted individuals”.

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Öznur ÖZDOĞAN         

● MRes, Psychology of Religion, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, 2013.

Title of thesis: “Believer’s Personality Traits with Positive Psychology Approach”

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Öznur ÖZDOĞAN         

● B.A., Culture of Religion and Ethics Education Program, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, 2009.

 Title of thesis: “Concept of Psyche in Psychology of Religion”          


Ceylan, İsa (2017). A Qualitative Review on Factors Increase and Decreasing the Dread after the Terrorist Attacks, (Work in Progress).

Ceylan, İsa (2017), Substance Addiction and Spirituality, (Work in Progress).


Ceylan, İsa (2015). Spiritual Care Disease and Patients. Merak Publications, Ankara.


Ceylan, İsa (2017), The Possibilities and Limitations of being a Theologian in Turkey: A Comparative Research to the Present from the Past (Ankara Sample), Ankara University. (Ongoing project).

Ceylan, İsa (2016). Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies PIAAC, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Field coordinator at Field Research 2015.

Ceylan, İsa (2015). Spiritual Care at the Palliative Care Unit, Service at the Ulus State Hospital Palliative Care Unit, Psychological and Spiritual Support to Patients and Their Relatives, Ankara Ulus State Hospital.


Ceylan, İsa (2014), “The Role of Religious Belief in the Formation of Values” International Youth and Values Congress, GESAK Youth Strategies Research Institution, April 25.

Ceylan, İsa (2015), “Institutional sincerity in terms of social integration” Religious services and sincerity Congress, Adıyaman, Turkey, March 13-15.

Ceylan, İsa (2016), “The Relationship between Spirituality and Overcoming Drug Addiction.” International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Counselling & Care, Centre for Values Education, Istanbul, Turkey, April 7-10.

Ceylan, İsa (2016), “The meaning of being human and the spiritual life in Hacı Bayram's poems.” International Congress on Religious-Spiritual Counselling & Care, International Hacı Bayram Veli Congress, KALEM Association, Ankara, Turkey, May 25-26.

Ceylan, İsa (2017), “Relation of Spiritual Values to Human Relations and Coexistence.” International Congress on the Effect of Common Values on European Peace, Ankara University, Turkey, March 25-26.

Ceylan, İsa (2017), “Courage Virtue in Positive Psychology and Islamic Thinkers.” 2nd Eurasian Positive Psychology Congress, Üsküdar University, Istanbul, Turkey, April 24.


Ceylan, İsa (2017). “Patience and Psychology”, Values and Psychology, Ankara (work in progress).


Ceylan, İsa (2013), Taiwan Culture Industry and Technology Promotion Mobility, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), June 17-30.

Ceylan, İsa (2008), Erasmus Internship Mobility, Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programs, Den Haag (Netherlands), 1 July-30 September.


2009-2015 Teacher at Secondary School, Ministry of National Education (MoNE), Ankara.

● Religion and Ethic .