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Phone Number : (0312) 203 3306
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1989 - 1994   PhD, Chemical Eng. Dept., University of California at LA
1986 - 1988   MS, Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University
1981 - 1985   BS,  Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University
PhD    Experimental and Computational Studies of the Flames of Chlorobenzene and Methane
MS   Variation of sulphur containing compounds in lignites by flash pyrolyis and their magnetic separation 

Fullerenes and carbon nanotubes
High temperature reaction kinetics
Hydrocarbon pyrolysis 
Detailed kinetics of combustion reactions

2009              Prof.,  Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University
2002 - 2009   Assoc. Prof., Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University
1994 - 2002   Assist. Prof., Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University
1991 - 1993   Research and Teaching Assistant, Chem. Eng. Dep. UCLA, USA
1989 - 1990   Research Assistant, Chem. Eng. Dep. Illinois Institute oTechnology, Chicago, USA                       

1986 - 1989   Research and Teaching Assistant, Chemical Eng. Dept. Ankara University

2016 -            Member of Ankara University Senate

2016 -            Member of TUBITAK MAG Advisory Board 

2013 - 2016   Department Head

2013 -            In charge of A.U. Electron Microscopy Unit
2012 -            Member of A.U. Ethical Council
2012 -            Founding member of Turkish Carbon Society
2012 - 2013   Member of A.U. BAP Project Assestment Group 

2010 -  2013  Assist.Head of Dept., Chemical Eng. Dept. 
2007 - 2010   Member of A.U. BAP auctioning Commission
2003 - 2008   ERASMUS Coord., Chemical Eng. Dept.
2002 - 2007   Member of Accreditation Commiss. Chem. Eng. Dept. 
2000 - 2008   IAESTE Agent, A.U. Engineering Faculty
1997 - 2000    Assist. Head of Dept., Chemical Eng. Dept.
1997 - 1999    Member of Faculty Science Council
2012 - 2014    TÜBİTAK MAG - 111M632, Effects of gas phase diffusion on carbon nanotube growth rate 
2006 - 2009   BAP 20060745049, Kinetics of carbon nanotube formation
2005 - 2008   TÜBİTAK MAG - 104M363, Development of a hibrit method for carbon nanotube formation
2001 - 2003    TÜBİTAK MİSAG - 187, Effects of reasidence time on fullerene yield and selectivity
1998 - 2000    TÜBİTAK MİSAG - 102, Effects of reactive atmospheres on fullerene yields

Merve Ulupınar,       MS, 

Melike Güler,       MS, 2017, Effects of metal catalyst holding in CNT production
Furkan Soysal,     PhD, 2016, Rate limiting effetcts of diffussion on nanotube growth
Berrak Erkmen,   MS, 2014 - Growth Kinetics of carbon nanotubes 
Akif Sesli,           PhD, Mathematical modeling of a CVD reactor used for nanotube growth
Savaş Yağlıkçı,    MS, 2012, Effects of catalysis on gas phase composition during nanotube formation  
Mustafa Yalın,     MS, 2009, Investigation of Concentration Profiles in CNT Production Reactor  (Coad.) 
Furkan Soysal,     MS, 2009, Carbon nanotube formation by CVD     
İbrahim Mutlay,   MS, 2007, A continuous process for carbon nanotube formation 
U. Barış Ayhan,    ODTÜ MS, 2004, Nanotube Production in a CVD Reactor (Coad.)
Sinan Ok,             ODTÜ MS, 2005, Surface Properties of Fullerene Extracted Soot and Cat. Dep. (Coad.)
Mustafa Oymael,  MS, 2005, Production of fullerenes and nanotubes from cathodic deposits 
Akif Sesli,             MS, 2003, Fullerene production in a tubular reactor 
Soysal,F., Yalın,M., Çiçek,B., Kenar,A., Özbelge,Ö., ``Multivariate analysis for carbon nanotube production by floating catalyst,'' Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 23, 233-238, 2014

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