Name : İLKAY
Surname : DELLAL
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Phone Number : +90 312 596 15 56
Title : PROF.DR.
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Personal Information

Phone:+90 312 596 1556
Fax :+90 312 3185360
Adres :Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics 06110 Dışkapı/ANKARA/TURKİYE

Reseach areas : Agricultural Policy, Impact Assesment, Agricultural and food commodity markets, Climate Change

Classes: Turkish Economy, Agricultural Trade Policy, Climate Change Economics

Education and Academic Career:

Prof.Dr., Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, 2011

Assoc.Prof.Dr., Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, 2009

Post Doctorate, Texas A&M University, Department of Agricultural Economics,  2003-2004

Ph.D, Ankara University, Department of Agricultural Economics, 2000


 07/2011- contin.                   Prof.Dr.Ankara Univ, Dep. of Agricultural Economics

 08/2009- 07/2011                AssocProf.Dr.Ankara Univ, Dep. of Agricultural Economics

04/2008-08/2009                   Senior Researcher

04/2006-04/2008                   Director

07/2004-04/2006                   Researcher, Agricultural Economics Research Institute

08/2003-07/2004                    Visiting Researcher,

                                                    Texas A&M University, Dept of Agricultural Economics

03/2002- 08/2003                    Deputy Director of AERI

12/1999- 03/2002                    Researcher

10/1992- 12/1999                    Research and Teaching Assistant,

                                                    Ankara University, Department of Agricultural Economics


•4-5 May 2016, FAO Regional Conference for Europe (REC) Side Event, Food Loss and Waste Platform, Antalya, Turkey. 

•4-7 April 2016IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium "Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road: Restructuring, Resources and Trade in the Central Asia Region", Almaty, Kazakhstan.

•June 28-July 2, 2015WEA (Western Economic Association) 90th Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

•4-7 October 2015, The First International Congress on Postharvest Loss Prevention, Rome, Italy.

•22 November 2013, FAO Europe and Central Asia Expert consultation on Food Loss and Waste, Budapest, Hungary. 

•2-31 August 2012, Texas A&M University, Department of Agricultural Economics, College Station, TX, USA.

•31 July- 2 August 2012, The International Conference on Sustainable Development 2012,  Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA.

•23-30 July 2011, Socio-Economic Opportunities and Drivers on the Way to a Low Carbon Society, 8th International Summer Academy “Energy and the Environment”, IKEM, University of Surrey, Guildford and London, United Kingdom.

• 01-03 September 2010, The Second International Conference on Economics, The Turkish Economic Association,"The Global Economy After the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities", Girne, KKTC.

• 19-22 May 2010, 5th Central European Congress on Food, CEFood 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia.

• 04-06 March 2010, Second International Conference on Drought Management, “Economics of Drought and Drought Preparedness in a Climate Change Context” Istanbul, Turkey.

• 26-27 June 2009, 111st EAAE-IAAE Seminar, “Small Farms: Decline or Persistence?” Canterbury, Kent University, UK.

• 16-20 June 2009 International Conference on "Sustainable Development in Southeast Europe", BENA, Tekirdag and Istanbul, Turkey

• 28-29 May 2009 First International Conference on Climate Change and Agriculture, Namık Kemal University, Tekirdag, Turkey

• 6-7 May 2009 International Workshop on "Management and Sustainable Protection of Environment", BENA, Alba Iulia, Romania

• 1-2 December 2008 OECD meeting Paris, France

• 9-13 June 2008, LEI and Wageningen University, Dan Hague, The Netherlands.

• 13-14 March 2008 OECD meeting Paris, France

• 19-20 Feb 2008 OECD meeting Paris, France

• 27-28 March 2007 International Scientific Conference “Influence of EU Support on Structural Changes in Agricultural And Food Sector” Vilnus, Litvanya,

• 19-20 Nov 2007, REC Workshop, “Adaptation to the Consequences of the Climate Change: progress achieved and capacity building needed”, Budapest, Hungary.

• Feb 2006 Genava, WTO meeting

• 12-15 Jan 2004, “Advanced GAMS Class”, GAMS Corporation, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.

• 6-9 Oct 2003, “Basic GAMS Class” , GAMS Corporation, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

• 26-27 Sep 2003, “Grant Writing Skills”, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA.

• 5-7 June 2003. International Symposium on Animal Production and Natural Resources Utilisation in the Mediterranean Mountain Areas, Ioannina, Epirus, Greece

• Feb 2001. 71st EAAE Seminar, Food Consumer in the Early 21st Century, Zaragoza, Spain.

• 17-27 Feb 2003, “Economics of Natural Resources” CIHEAM , Zaragoza, Spain.

• 8-18 April 2002, “Agricultural Sector Modelling” CIHEAM, Rabat, Morocco .

• Holland-Turkey Dairy and Livestock Symposium, June 11-12, 2001 Ankara.

• 7-11 May 2001, Seed Production and Marketing, GAP and ICARDA, Sanlıurfa, Turkey.

• 25 April-6 May 2001, “A Modeling Tool: Use of Gams in Agricultural Sector Modeling”, ODTU, IRESA, CHIEAM, Ankara, Turkiye.

• 17-26 Sep 2000, “Agricultural Sector Models” ,CIHEAM, Tunis, Tunisia.

• 28 Feb-8 March 2000, “The Impact of Macro Economic and Sectoral Policies on Rural Poverty” FAO, SESRTRIC in Ankara,Turkey.

• 29 May- 30 June 1999, “Economic and Financial Planning for Rural Development Though Computer Usage” MASAV, Israil;

• 15-26 Sep 1997, “Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis with Emphasis on Credit and Rural Finance” FAO, SESRTRIC, Ankara, Turkey.


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