Surname : YAĞMURLU
E-Mail :,
Phone Number : 3125956199
Title : PROF.DR.
Department :
Personal Information



Name of Staff: Aydin YAGMURLU


Name of Firm:  Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Hospital, Department of Pediatric Surgery



Profession:  Pr, MD Pediatric Surgeon, Pediatric Urologic Surgeon


Date of Birth:  13.04.1969


Years with Firm/Entity:  24 y                    Nationality: Turkish


Membership in Professional Societies: 

·           Turkish Association of Pediatric Surgery

·           International Pediatric Endosurgery Group

·           IPEG Middle East Chapter

·           European Paediatric Surgeons' Association

·           European Society of Pediatric Endosurgery

·           Turkish Association of Pediatric Urology

·          European Society of Pediatric Urology









Key Qualifications:


Aydin Yagmurlu is a professor of pediatric surgery and pediatric urology at Ankara University Medical Faculty.  He has a particularly strong experience in minimal-invasive pediatric surgery, with an emphasis on the pioneering Pediatric Endosurgery, which enables him to offer his patients virtually scarless surgery. His expertise also covers prenatal counseling for congenital anomalies, surgery in neonates, all types of gastrointestinal pediatric surgery, minimal-invasive oncologic surgery in children, pediatric urology and pediatric trauma. He is unique in that he has specialty training in both Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Surgery. He obtained his medical degree at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. He completed a Pediatric Surgery residency at the same University in Turkey. In addition, he completed his Pediatric Urology training at the same institution. He did a research fellowship in Pediatric Endosurgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery at University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL. with Keith Georgeson and Carrol Mac Harmon. Dr. Yagmurlu plays a leadership role in teaching pediatric endosurgery to medical students, residents and fellows. He has been involved in numerous educational seminars, conferences, and workshops on case-simulation, virtual reality and team training.

He is author of 30 books/book chapters on different topics of endoscopic, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery. He has published more than 100 articles in Turkish and in English on various aspects of pediatric surgery topics and  published in national and international journals . More than 300  nationally and internationally organized conference papers and presentations on various aspects of endoscopic surgery and pediatric surgery.


He is also the editor of 3 journal and books of

- Journal of Turkish Medical Sciences (SCI-Expanded), Quest Editor, TUBITAK. 

- Journal of National Trauma and Emergency Surgery (SCI-Expanded), Thomson Reuters.

-   Atlas of Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery, book, Intertıp












2001-2002 Alabama State University : Medical Training , Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery,

1999-1999: Children’s Memorial Health Institute : Medical Training, Pediatric Urology

1993-1999: Sp. Dr, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine: Residency, Pediatric Surgery

1993-1999: Sp. Dr, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine: Medical Training, Pediatric Urology

1987-1993: MD, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine



Employment Record:


2010- current : Professor, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Surgical Sciences, Department of Pediatric Surgery

2004-2010: Associate Professor,  Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Surgical Sciences, Department of Pediatric Surgery













Faculty Positions in Internatioal Meetings, Courses and Conferences


1.    Laparoscopy in Neonate and Children Advenced Courses IRCAD France 16-18 March 2017

2.    28th ESPU Congress Course - 19-22 Nisan 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

3.    31st  Congress of Egyptian Paediatric Surgical Association – EPSA, International Paediatric Endosurgery Group (IPEG) Middle East Chapter. 30 November- 2 December 2016, Cairo, Egypt

4.    Pediatric Robotic Urology Surgery Hands on Training Course, at the University of Chicago 15 April 2016

5.    XX.  Diabetes Congress of Pediatric Endocrinology (Pediatric Bariatric Surgery, Presenter), 5-9 October 2016, Belek, Antalya, TURKEY

6.    XIX. Pediatric Cancer Congress (Presenter), 4-8 May 2016, Cesme,Izmir, TURKEY

7.    Sports Medicine Congress, 20 -22 November 2015, Ankara, Turkey

8.    Laparoscopy in Neonate and Children Advenced Courses, 2015 Braga, PORTUGAL

9.    Pediatric Surgery Videosurgery Symposium, 22-25 September 2015, Wroclaw, Poland

10.  4th Webinar Pediatric Surgery 15 September 2015., Samsun TURKEY

11.  IRCAD Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery 26-29 March 2015, Strasbourg, France

12.  3th Webinar Pediatric Surgery 15 September 2014, Samsun TURKEY

13.  Laparoscopy in Neonate and Children Advenced Courses, 2014, Braga, PORTUGAL

14.  IV. National Pediatric Urology Congress , Presenter, 23- 25 May 2013, Konya, Turkey

15.  Recent Advanges in Pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery 15 September 2012, Samsun, TURKEY

16.  18th International Pediatric Colorectal Club Meeting, Moderator, 10–12 Haziran 2011, Ankara, TURKEY

17.  “APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course 2013, TURKEY

18.  Advanced Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery Course, 30 October 2013, Eskisehir, TURKEY

19.  Advanced Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery Course, 3–4 April 2012, Ankara, TURKEY

20.  Advanced Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery Course, 24–25 June 2011, Ankara TURKEY

21.  Treatment of Childhood Inguinal Canal Pathologies Course , 5 April 2012, Bursa TURKEY

22.  Pediatric Urodinamy Course, 12–16September 2011, Diyarbakir TURKEY

23.  International Workshop for Cloacal Malformations, 10 June 2011, Ankara TURKEY

24.  Basic Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery  Course , 3–4 December 2010, Ankara TURKEY

25.  Nuss procedure for Pectus Excavatum Course 26 May 2007, Istanbul TURKEY

26.  Practical Endoscopic Surgery Courses, 7–9 November 2003, Ankara TURKEY






















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