Name : EREN
Surname : CEYLAN
E-Mail :,
Phone Number : 0312 363 33 50 / 7108
Department : Secondary Science and Mathematics Educatiom
Personal Information


I have been working as an Assistant Professor in Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics. International comparative studies like TIMSS, PISA, and PIRLS have attracted my interest and my recent studies’ main scope is to investigate the factors related to students’ science achievement in these international studies by using some advanced statistical techniques such as Linear Structural Modeling, HLM, and IDB Analyzer etc. As a future plan, I want to develop my skills especially in the area of assessment in science education to offer an assessment model for Turkey’s science education curriculum in which students’ competency levels are exhibited.


2009 (January)-2010(January)

Indiana University   Bloomington, IN / USA

Postdoctoral Research / Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education


2004 –2008

Middle East Technical University     Ankara / TURKEY

Ph.D. / Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education

C.GPA: 3.93 / 4


Middle East Technical University     Ankara / TURKEY

MSc / Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education

C.GPA: 3.80 / 4

PhD “The effect of 5E learning cycle model on 10th grade students’ understanding of state of matter and solubility concepts, attitude toward chemistry, and students’ perceived motivation”. Supervisor: Professor Ömer Geban

MSc “Effect of instruction using conceptual change strategies on students’ conceptions of chemical reactions and energy”. Supervisor: Professor Ömer Geban


Scientific Journals

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Conferences and Seminar

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