Name : ARZU
Surname : ENSARİ
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 595 81 03
Title : PROF.DR.
Department :
Personal Information

 Curriculum Vitae

                 Name                                    Arzu

                Surname:                             Ensari

                Place of Birth:                     Diyarbakır

                Date of Birth:                      7 March 1962

                Sex:                                       Female

                Social Status:                      Married, one child

                Address:                home -   Angora Evleri, Türkmavisi sokak, A2 Blok, No: 3, Çayyolu Ankara

                                               office -   University of Ankara Medical School

                                                               Department of Pathology Sıhhıye 06100 Ankara-TURKEY


                                              office -   0 10 90 312 3103010 ext. 383

                Fax:                       office - 0 10 90 312 3106370

                e-mail:                   home -


                Previous Educational Status:

                Primary School:                 1968-1972           Ankara Kavaklıdere İlkokulu

                Secondary School:             1972-1976           TED Ankara Koleji (tuition in English)

                High School:                        1976-1979           TED Ankara Koleji (tuition in English)


                Medical Education:

                · 1979-1985                        University of Ankara Medical School


                Post-graduate Work Experience:

                · November 1985 - December 1987           Ministry of Health-Ankara Zübeyde Hanım                                                                                                                       Obstetrics and                                                                                                                                      Gynecology Hospital

(general practitioner)


                Post-graduate Medical Education:

                · Jan 1988 - July 1991                 University of Ankara Medical School

                                                                     Department of Pathology  (resident in Pathology)


·       July 1991                      Thesis in Pathology:

The value of Immunohistochemistry in the classification of Amyloidosis: morphological, histochemical and immunohistochemical analysis of 100 cases


                · July 1991 - October 1991             University of Ankara Medical School


                · October 1991 - April 1994             University of  Manchester Hope Hospital

(Research Fellow/ PhD student ) as a British Council Scholar


  • April 1994       PhD Thesis: Gluten Sensitivity: the cellular and  molecular biology of mucosal inflammation

                 · April 1994 - October 1994                            University of Ankara Medical School

                                                                                          Department of Pathology

(Lecturer in Pathology)

                · October 1994 - October 1996                       University of Ankara Medical School

                                                                                              Department of Pathology 

(Assistant Associate Professor    )


24 October 1996       Associate Professor in Patholog(National Board Examination for Pathology)


                2001                          Professor in Pathology


                Experience in Administrative Activities:

                January 1996 - December 1998      University of Ankara Faculty of Health Education

                                                                              (Member of the Faculty Board)

                Experience Abroad:

                · October 1989- January 1990        University of Manchester Hope Hospital

                                                                              Electron Microscopy, Immunohistochemical                                                                                Techniques, Morphometry -Image Analysis


                · October 1991 - April 1994             University of Manchester Hope Hospital 

                                                                              Gastrointestinal Immunopathology, Molecular                                                                                         Pathology and Morphometry - PhD

·       January 1992 - February 1992 University of Manchester Medical School

Department of Pathology & St. Mary’s Hospital

Gynaecological Pathology under the supervision of

Prof. Harold Fox

· March 1993 - June 1993                               University of Newcastle Medical School

                                                                              Department of Pathology Kidney Research                                                                                                              Laboratory

Analysis of Renal Biopsies and kidney transplants Morphometry in Renal Pathology under the supervision of Dr. Adrian Morley

                · August 1995 - November 1995    Tokyo Medical Dental University &

                                                                              Cancer Institute Hospital 

                                                                              Early Gastrointestinal Cancer

                                                                              Molecular Pathology in the Diagnosis of                                                                            Gastrointestinal Lymphoma - PCR Techniques

                                                                              under the supervision of Prof. Yo Kato

  • June 2008 – September 2008        Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, Department   of Pathology – GI pathology under the supervision of Dr. Robert Riddell



Scientific Societies

1. Ankara Pathology Society.

2. Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

3. Turkish Society of Gastroenterology.

4. Turkish Society of Nutrition and Small Intestine.

5. European Society of Pathology


Editorial boards:

Virchows Archives of Pathology

Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology

Turkish Journal of Pathology

Human Pathology


Social Features:

n A former volleyball player in Turkish Women’s League

n A movie-lover

n A modest poet

n A Joan Baez fan

n An amateur trekking-person

n A good swimmer

n The wife of a vegeterian Paediatric Nephrologist for 30 years

n The mother of a 21-year old future economist


Published Books (as a Contributor)


1.    Marsh MN, Ensari A. The gut-associated lymphoid tissue and immune system. In: Whitehead R, ed. Gastrointestinal and Oesophageal Pathology. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. Chapter 11, pp: 201-225, 1995.

2.    Ensari A, Marsh MN, Moriarty K, Crowe PT: Morphometry of Rectal Mucosa. In: Coeliac Disease (Methods in Molecular Medicine) Marsh MN (ed), Humana Press, USA. Chapter 10, pp: 125-147, 2000.

3.    Marsh MN, Crowe PT, Moriarty KJ, Ensari A: Morphometric Analysis of Intestinal Mucosa: The measurement of volume compartments, and cell volumes in human intestinal mucosa. In: Coeliac Disease (Methods in Molecular Medicine) Marsh MN (ed), Humana Press, USA. Chapter 11, pp:147-163, 2000.




Published papers


1.      Intractable colitis associated with chronic granulomatous disease in a young girl. Yaman A, Kuloğlu Z, Doğu F, İkincioğulları A, Ensari A, Çiftçi E, Kansu A. Turk J Pediatr. 2015 Mar-Apr;57(2):189-91.

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3.      Inflammatory bowel dısease-lıke phenotype ın a young gırl wıth prolıdase defıcıency: a new spectrum of clınıcal manıfestatıon. Kuloglu Z, Kansu A, Serwas N, Demir A, Yaman A, Ensari A, Boztug K. Genet Couns. 2015;26(2):205-11.

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