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Our research is mostly focused on structure-based drug design of novel antioxidant molecules bearing indole/benzimidazole moieties along with molecular modeling and synthetic medicinal chemistry. Targeted therapeutic areas of research include genetic-oriented diseases such as cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders i.e. Alzheimer’s disease.

We believe that free radicals play important roles to triggering the incidence of such diseases and also to cause them depending on the environmental circumtendencies. Mammalian cells need to protect themselves constantly against oxgyen-derived free radicals. Upon receiving stress stimuli, the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is incerased to cause several diseases including above-mentioned ones by damaging membranes, proteins and DNA. DNA damage generated by oxygen-derived free radicals is related to mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and aging. One of the well-known strategy in cytoprotection (antiaging) by utilizing antioxidant pathways is the synthesis of compounds that mimic antioxidant enzyme activities and/or scavenging the free radicals.

Therefore, we have developed small compounds of melatonin and lipoic acid derivatives for effective antioxidant compounds. Other areas of our drug discovery studies revolve around aldose reductase enzyme inhibition (to prevent or treat diabetes complications such as cataract formation, retinopathy) and retinoids that may also be integrated to the free radical scavenging mechanisms to regulate and/or treat the disease states mentioned above.

Clinically, natural retinoids such as all trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) and retinol (vitamin A) are used in the treatment of proliferative dermatological diseases and in the prevention of certain tumors. However, the
applicability of retinoid remedy is limited due to toxic effects of natural retinoids. Therefore, new retinoidal compounds that comprise specific acting properties on eliminating the reactive oxygen species, together with the lower toxic and/or side effects, could be useful for the precise treatment of above mentioned diseases, clinically. Our group also involved in design, synthesis and cancer cell line studies of certain benzimidazole retinoids which are structurally hybrid compounds between retinoic acid and indole/benzimidazole moieties.



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