Name : FIRAT
Surname : AKÇA
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 03122211601/1643
Title : DOÇ. DR.
Department : Department of Coaching Education
Personal Information



Date of Birth:                                    28th April 1981

Place of Birth:                       Ankara

Nationality:                           Turkish



Post Doctorate Study (2010-2011) Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Exercise and Sport Science Department, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom. Post doctorate study areas: Mechanical and metabolic efficiency during exercise, heart rate variability and athletic performance with Dr. Charlie Simpson and Dr. Roger Ramsbottom.


PhD (2006- 2010) Health Sciences Institute, Physical Education and Sports Department, Exercise and Movement Sciences Division, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey.

Ph.D. Thesis and Supervisor: “Determination of Applicable Physical and Physiological Parameters to Constitute Performance Prediction Formula for Rowing”, Prof.Dr. Kadir Gokdemir


MSc (2004- 2006) Health Sciences Institute, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Exercise and Movement Sciences Department, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.

MSc Thesis and Supervisor: “Investigation of Anthropometric-somatotype Characteristics, Some Performance Test Results and Their Relationships with Performance in Turkish National Flatwater Kayak Team Paddlers”, Asst.Prof.Dr. Surhat Muniroglu


BS (1999- 2004) Sport Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.


BS Thesis and Supervisor: “Factors which Affect 2000 m. Rowing Ergometer Performance and Interrelationships of These Factors”, Prof.Dr. Caner Acikada




24/12/2015-continue             Ankara University (Turkey), Faculty of Sport Sciences,

                                               Associate Professor

05/09/2016- 04/09/2017         Ruderverein Normannen Klosterneuburg (Austria)

                                                Rowing Head Coach

17/ 12/ 2013-24/12/2015       Ankara University (Turkey), Faculty of Sport Sciences,

                                               Assistant Professor

01/05/2010-01/05/2011          Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom), Faculty of Health   and Life Sciences, Exercise and Sport Science department,

                                                Post Doctorate  Researcher

09/ 04/ 2010-17/ 12/ 2013      Ankara University (Turkey), Faculty of Sport Sciences,

                                                Research Assistant Dr. (PhD)

01/ 10/ 2007- 09/ 04/ 2010     Ankara University (Turkey), Faculty of Sport Sciences,

                                                           Research Assistant

01/ 02/ 2004- 01/ 06/ 2004     Internship at Buyuk College, Ankara, Turkey

Physical Education and Sports Teaching Assistant

01/ 10/ 2003- 15/ 01/ 2004     Internship at Gazi Anatolian High School, Ankara, Turkey

Physical Education and Sports Teaching Assistant

01/ 10/ 2003- 01/ 06/ 2004     Internship at Buyuk College Swimming Team, Ankara, Turkey

                                               Sport Coaching Assistant,

01/ 10/ 2001- 28/ 02/ 2002     Internship at General Directorate of Youth and Sport, Ankara, Turkey

Sport Management Assistant

01/ 10/ 2000- 28/ 02/ 2001     Internship at Cebeci Elementary School, Ankara, Turkey

Physical Education and Sports Teaching Assistant




Undergraduate Level


BAN 210- Biomechanics (Lecturer, 2008 Spring- cont., Ankara University)

AIN 407- Fitness in Sports (Lecturer, 2008-2009 Fall, Ankara University)

AIN 310 – Training Application and Field Tests (Lab Instructor and Lecturer, 208, 2009, 2011 Fall, Ankara University)

BES 339- Rowing (Lecturer, 2008 Spring-cont., Ankara University)

AIN 210 – Training Theory (Lecturer, 2008, 2009 Spring, Ankara University)

BAN 411- Training Periodization (Lecturer, 2008, 2009 Spring, Ankara University)

BES 445- Special Topics in Training Periodization (Lecturer, 2012 Fall- cont., Ankara University)

AED 211- Sport and Nutrition (Lecturer, 2013 Fall- cont., Ankara University)

BES 220- Bodybuilding (Lecturer, 2015 Spring-2016 Fall, Ankara University)

AED 233- Skiing (Lecturer, 2015 Fall-cont, Ankara University)


Graduate Level


Master of Science Lectures

75704175- Relationships of exercise modalities and nutritional interventions in modern life (Lecturer, 2014 Fall-2016 Fall, Ankara University)

75704177- Latest Developments in Performance Nutrition (Lecturer, 2014 Spring-2016 Fall, Ankara University)

AIN088- Laboratory Applications in Exercise Sciences (Lab Instructor and Lecturer, 2008 Fall-2010 Fall, Ankara University)


Master of Science (in English) Lectures

75784015 – Ergogenic Aids and Nutrition for Performance (2017 Fall-cont., Ankara University)

75784009 – Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise (2017 Fall-cont., Ankara University)


Ph.D. Lectures

75702139- Doping in Performance Sports (Lecturer, 2014 Spring-cont., Ankara University)

75702137- Ergogenic aid in Performance Nutrition (Lecturer, 2014 Fall-cont., Ankara University)


Lectures given at Private and Governmental Certificate and Trainer Education Programs and Courses


Lecturer of Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Ergogenic Aid in Sport, Talent ID and Detection and Exercise science in different level trainer education certificate programs which organized by various sport federations, sport clubs and Turkish Youth and Sport Ministry.




·         Rowing Head Coach, Ruderverein Normannen Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Austria (2016-2017)

·         Team Physiologist, Nutrition and Performance Consultant, Ankara University Rowing and Canoe/Kayak Teams, (2011-2014)

·         Rowing and Canoe-Kayak Trainer of General Directorate of Youth and Sport (Ankara Province) (2009-2011)

·         Information Center Manager (during 43rd World Naval Pentathlon Championships), Turkish Naval Forces, Istanbul, Turkey (2006)

·         National Level Flatwater Canoe umpire (2006-2016)

·         National Level Rowing umpire (2004-2016)

·         Rowing Trainer, Turkish Rowing National Team (for Balkan Junior Rowing Championships) (2007)

·         Rowing Trainer, Turkish Rowing National Team (for Ghent International Regatta) (2007)

·         Rowing Trainer, Ankara University Sports Club, Ankara, Turkey (2006-2010, 2011-2014)

·         Swimming Trainer, Galatasaray Sports Club, Ankara, Turkey (2004-2005)

·         International Level Flatwater Kayak Athlete (Ankara University Canoe Team) (2003-2006)