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Surname : GENÇER
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Phone Number : 0312 212 67 20/1161
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Department of Physics
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                                                       CIRRICULUM VITAE

1.       GENERAL


PREPARATION DATE             : 02.11.2012

STATUS                                   : Director of Superconductor Technologies Application and Research Center

NAME SURNAME                  : Prof. Dr. Ali GENCER

ADDRESS                                   : Ankara University, Science Faculty, Department of Physics, Tandogan/ANKARA

DATE OF BİRTH                        : December  15, 1965

PHONE : 0312 2126720/1161



FAX : 0312 223 23 95


2.       EDUCATION








Birmingham University (UK)

Physics Engineering



Sussex University (UK)




Karadeniz Teknik Üniversity












Ankara University


1996- 2005

Assoc. Prof.

Ankara University



Assistant Prof.

Ankara Üniversity





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1-The Open Electrical and Electronic Engineering Journal

2- Journal of Novel and Magnetism



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