Surname : SİLLELİ
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 03125961580
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering Department
Personal Information

Prof. Dr. Hasan Silleli


He was born in Ankara in 1969. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. In 1986 he started his university education in the Department of Agricultural Machinery and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture in 1990. In 1992 he began his academic career as a research assistant in the same department. In his master's study, he designed and manufactured a mixer suitable for "The Design of the Mixing Plants Suitable for the Processing of Hay with NaOH to Increase the Feed Value of Straw". In his doctoral thesis, he performed the design and manufacture of a combined machine with a moving chopper, mixer and blower from the tractor under the name "Design and Construction of a Machine Working with Hay Sodium Hydroxide". In this part of his academic life he also worked on "Greenhouse construction and automation" issues. Local technology laboratory type of greenhouse was established within the faculty.

In 2002, he worked as a test engineer for 2.5 years at the Directorate of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. At this stage, he conducted test systems and tests to ensure compliance with the OECD and European norms of agricultural tractors. Turkey has represented several times abroad.

In 2005, he started his career as an engineer at Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery Department. He promoted as Associate Professor in 2008. He was appointed as Associate professor in the same department in 2009. In 2014, he was promoted to Professor.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Silleli has many publications in the field of work, as well as useful models and patents.

Between the years 2013-2017 he worked in the OECD Tractor Schemes in Paris. 2014-2015 President (Chairman) served as vice president in other years. Currently, as a delegate of the same Scheme, the standard development work for tractor safety and performance continues.

He is the General Secretary of Greenhouse Construction and Equipment manufacturers and Exporters Association-SERKONDER, which was founded in 2012.

The automation and greenhouse technologies developed by various firms in the scope of university-industry cooperation on greenhouses have been applied and applied on many projects at national and international level. In recent years, the semi-closed greenhouse technique, which was developed under the TÜBITAK TEYDEB project with AYS Proje Taahhut A.Ş., was first exported with 50,000 square meter in Azerbaijan, and the second application was constructed in Qatar with 70,000 square meter in climatic terms under very harsh conditions. The project, which provides an important foreign exchange entry to our country, is an important technological project that gives the world the opportunity to sell Know-How and to compete with other countries.

Prof. Dr. Silleli, on the other hand, continues to give important support to R & D studies in the tractor sector. Turk Tractor Factory, Taral Tarim Makinalari, Erkunt Tractor and Karataş companies, both in the development of complete tractors and on the basis of hardware innovation studies have been found and continues to be found.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Silleli was also awarded the Science Award in 2016 by TMMOB Chamber of Agriculture Engineers.

He is married and has a father.