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Phone Number : 203 30 72
Title : PROF.DR.
Personal Information


     Personal Information 


Prof. Dr. Gülgün Ayhan-Kılcıgil


Tel: +90312 203 3072




1985- BS-Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy

1988-MS-The Graduate School of Health Sciences of Ankara University Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1995- PhD- The Graduate School of Health Sciences of Ankara University Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Professional Experience

1985-1996-Research Assistant,

1996-1999-Assistant Professor,

1999-2006-Asssociate Professor, 

2006-present- Professor

Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry



Publication List


Research Articles


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Review Articles


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Book Chapter

1. H. Göker, M. Coşkun. G:Ayhan-Kilcigil,  Chromatography and its applications  Section 3 : Chromatographic seperation of Sildenafil and Yohimbine Analogues Illegally Added  in Herbal Supplements, 2012 , 51-68  (Intech Press)