Name : NURAY
E-Mail :
Phone Number : +90-312-2033300-3646
Title : PROF.DR.
Personal Information


Graduation degree



Bachelor of Science



Doctor of Philosophy




Professional experience




Assistant Professor

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture


1987 - 1991

Associate Professor

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture



Ankara University Faculty of Engineering



Administrative duties




Members of the faculty board         

Professor representative

Ankara University Faculty of Engineering


Members of the faculty board         

Associate professor representative

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture


Vice chairman

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture



Other Administrative Duties




M.Sc. Agricultural Engineer

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs




The association of food technology

The World’s Poultry Science Association

Research Interests

Meat science and technology, nutrition, Aquaculture technology, Poultry meat technology

Course Taught


GDM 484 Meat technology

GDM 421 Seafood Products Technology

GDM 425 Food Engineering Laboratory Operations I

GDM 426 Food Engineering Laboratory Operations II

GDM 413 Food Engineering Design Operations I

GDM 414 Food Engineering Design Operations II

GDM 388 Nutrition principles


809534 Quality control in meat technology

809535 Poultry meat technology

809607 Selected Topics


Other Duties




Organizing Committee in the Second Student Competition on Product Development


GaziOsmanPaşa University


Member of program qualifications and curriculum development commission 

Ankara University


Scientific commitee in 1st international poultry meat congress 

Ankara University


Scientific commitee in 2nd meat products workshop "processed poultry meat products"

Celal Bayar University


Scientific member in 3rd meat products workshop "Innovation in meat products production"

GaziOsmanPaşa University



 Ankara University, Research Encouragement Award in Applied Science, 1995-1996.

Number of graduate students


Master of Science

Doctor of philosophy







Selected Publications

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