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Name ;  Belma Konuklugil

Nationality ; Türkish

Adress ; Nese sok.No 10/6 Bestepe -Ankara  - TURKEY

              Phone (312- 2033092)

e-mail ;,

Education ; Bsc in Pharmacy  University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy

                               1985 Msc Degree in Pharmacognosy University of Ankara, Faculty of                                                                                                                                                      Pharmacy

                               1993 PhD Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nottingham University


Working experiences ; 1983 -1987 Research assistant  in Department of Pharmacognosy

Research skills ;  As a research assistant and during my PhD in Nottingham, my job involved using many

                              instrumental analysis techniques including HPLC, NMR, UV, GC and also IR.

Research experience ; 1983 -1985  MSc project- Investigation of volatile oil of Teucrium  polium L.


 1985-1989 PhD project- Phytochemical investigation of some Türkish Scutellaria species

( I   passed all theo. and pr. lectures for PhD and I also passed  qualification of PhD then I  did not finish my PhD and went to England).



.                              1989- 1993 PhD project -A chemotaxonomic study of tumour inhibitory  

                                aryltetralin lignans in Genus Linum.


                                  Award and Fellowships                                                      

1995 July- October  DFG grant - Heinrich Heine-Universität, Institut für

                   Entwicklungs- & Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen(Germany).


1996   British Council grant - Lougbrough University Medicinal and Chemistry

                                                    Department  (England)


1998   Nato B2 grant-  Heinrich Heine-Universität, Institut für Entwicklungs- &

                                                           Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen (Germany).


1999   1999 DAAD grant- Heinrich Heine-Universität, Institut für Entwicklungs- &

                                                           Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen (Germany).

Research Area of interests:

-  Secondary nmetabolites from plant cell culture

- Biological and Pharmacological Activities of Plant Secondary Metabolites

- Chemistry and Biological Activities of Marine Natural Products.

-Essential oils 

International Scientific Projects:

1- Coordenator of  “Accumulation of aryltetralin lignans in tissue cultures of Turkish Linum species” Germany-Turkey( Jülich-Tübitak) 2000-2005.

2- Coordenator of  “Bioactive Compounds from  Turkish marine sponges”SBAG-Julich (104S409)( 2006-2009)

National Scientific Projects:

1- Coordenator of  “ Podophyllotoxin from in cell culture of Turkish Plant species”  DPT Projesi (2002-2005) 2001-K-120-240

2, Coordenator of “ Accumulation of Podophyllotoxin and rosmarinic acid in plant cell cultures” Ankara University Biotechnology Institute  (2001-2004) 2002-K-120-130-2.

5- Coordenator of  “Podophyllotoxin from in callus and suspension culture of Linum flavum ssp.scabrinerve” Ankara University Biotechnology Institute  2001K 120-240( 149)

6- Coordenator of  “ Arytetralin and othet type of lignan  from Linum olypicum” Republic of Turkey Ankara University rectorate coordination  unit scientific reserach projects. 2002K-08-03 

Some publication after 2005


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