Name : CANAN
Surname : KUŞ
E-Mail :,
Phone Number : 2033075
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Division of Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences
Personal Information

 Canan KUŞ                      Full Professor


Name: Canan Kuş

Birth date: August 18, 1968

Birth Place : Adana, TURKEY

Nationality : Turkish

Gender : Female / Married

Driver’s License : B



Permanent Address: Turgutreis Caddesi 4/10 Tandogan-Ankara/TURKEY

Tlf: +90 312 203 30 75




A.  Personal Statement


 My research interests are in the area of drug discovery focusing on both organic synthesis and structure-activity relationships. I usually perform the organic synthesis work. We have synthesized novel compounds having benzimidazole/piridoimidazole/oxazolinone ring systems and evaluated their antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer activities. We have also conducted structure-activity studies of antineoplastic benzamidine compounds. Currently, I am working on several projects including syntheses of novel uPA receptor antagonists for treatment of cancer disease. I have synthesized the compounds used in preliminary studies for this project. I will also synthesize the target compounds.




B- Biography


Canan KUS completed her Ph.D. at Ankara University in 1998 and attained full tenure as a professor in 2009. Some of the highlights of her scholarship includes her postdoctoral studies as a researcher on a new project called “uPA (Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator) Inhibitor Group Studies”  at University of Arizona School of Pharmacy in 2007 in Arizona, U.S. She has published more than 29 papers in reputed journals. She received the First Winner Prize from Novartis Drug Company Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry in 2007. She was the recipient of a week-long scholarship from the Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry at Drew University in New Jersey, U.S. in June 16-20, 1997.

C.  Positions and Honors


Positions and Employment


2009-present:       Full Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy.

May-July 2007: Postdoctoral studies as a researcher on a new project called “uPA Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator) Inhibitor Group Studies” at University of Arizona School of Pharmacy in 2007 in Arizona, U.S.

2003-2009:       Assoc. Prof., Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy.

2001-2003:        Assis. Prof., Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy.

1998:                   Doktoral education      (Ph.D)  Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry,  


1997  Scholarship:   Recipient of a week-long scholarship from the Residential School  

                             on Medicinal Chemistry at Drew University in New Jersey, U.S. in June  

                             16-20, 1997.

1992:                  Master Degree, M. Sc. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

                             University of Ankara, Faculty of Pharmacy.

1984-1988:        Lisans Education  (B. Sc.) University of Ankara, Faculty of                        Pharmacy.





Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Chemistry I,  ECZ 385

Pharmaceutical Chemistry II, ECZ 386


Organic Chemistry I, ECZ 250255

Organic Chemistry II, ECZ 250256


Professional Activities



Journal: Archiv der Pharmazie, Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, J. Enzime Inhibition and Discovery in Medicinal Chemistry, Arabian J. Chem., Turkish J. of Chemistry, Indian J. Chem, Letters in Drug Design and Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry Research.



Awards received:

2007 Novartis, Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry Drug Design and Development Science award (Turkey) First Place


C.  Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (in chronological order)


1. Göker, H., Kuş, C., Abbasoğlu, U., Synthesis of 1,2,5(6)-Trisubstituted Benzimidazoles and Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial Activities, Arch.Pharm. (Weinheim),  328, 425-430 (1995).

2. Kuş,  C.,  Göker,  H.,  Ayhan,  G.,  Ertan,  R.,  Altanlar,  N.,  Akın,  A.,  Synthesis and  Antimicrobial Activity of Some New Piperidinyl Benzimidazoles,  Il Farmaco, 51(6), 413-417 (1996).

3. Göker,  H.,  Ayhan-Kılcıgil,  G.,  Tunçbilek,  M.,  Kuş,  C.,   Ertan,  R.,  Kendi,  E., Özbey, S., Fort, M., Garcia, C., Farre, A.J., Synthesis and Antihistaminic H1  Activity of  1,2,5(6)-Trisubstituted  Benzimidazoles”  Heterocycles51(11),  2561-2573 (1999).

4. Göker,  H.,  Süzen, S., Kuş, C., Boykın, D.W.; “Synthesis of New 2-Aryl-4H-4-Oxo-1-Benzopyran Oxime Ethers”  Heterocyclic Communications, 6, 385-390  (2000).

5. Özbey,  S., Kuş, C., Göker, H.; “Crystal Structure of 1-Cyclopropyl-2-ethyl-5-fluoro-6-(4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)-1H-benzimidazole” Analytical Sciences, 17, 1019-1020 (2001).

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29. A. Karayel · S. Özbey · G. Ayhan-Kılcıgil · C. Kuş, “Crystal structures and intermolecular interactions of two novel antioxidant triazolyl-benzimidazole compounds” Crystallography Reports 12/2015; 60(7):1084-1088. DOI:10.1134/S1063774515070111.


Peer-reviewed National Publications:


30.  Kuş, C., Ayhan-Kılcıgil, G., Altanlar, N. “Antimicrobial Actıvıty of Some Thiadiazolyl- and Triazolylbenzimidazoles” Journal of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, 33 (1), 1-6 (2004).

31.   Kuş, C., Altanlar, N. “Some Studies on Antimicrobial Effects of Morfolinobenzimidazol Derivatives”  Journal of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, 34 (5) (2006).


 Reviewed National Publications:


32. Göker, H., Düver,  C.; “Potent Inhibitor of Gastric Acid Secretion: Omeprazole” Pharmacia-JTPA, 30(2): 98-109  (1990). 

33. Kuş,  C.,  Göker,  H.; “Pharmacological Effects of Novel Benzimidazole Compounds”  Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FABAD-Turkish journal-language is in English) 19, 23-35 (1994).

34. Kuş, C., Alp, M.; “New Targets and New Compounds for the Treatment of Systemic Fungal Infections" Journal of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy,
31(2) 91-131 (2002). 


D.  Research Support


In general, our work deals with design, syntheses, and chemical characterizations of small organic molecules having antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities. Ongoing work in our laboratory focuses on design and syntheses of uPA (Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator) Inhibitor Group Studies.


Social Activities

1- Folk Music

2- Oil Painting


Canan KUS, Ph D.

Ankara University

Faculty of Pharmacy,

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

06100 Tandogan, Ankara