Surname : YÜCE
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 1196
Department : Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences
Personal Information


Ankara University

Science Faculty

Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences

Anadolu, Ankara

TR-06100, Turkiye

Current Academic Position: Assistant Professor in Ankara University,  

Dept. of Astronomy and Space Sciences

Educational Status:

BSc. Astronomy-Mathematics double licence (1991),

Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences


MSc. Dept. of Astronomy and Space Sciences (1996),

Ankara University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences,

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Semanur Engin (emeritus Ankara University)

Thesis Topic: “The Spectral Analysis of Optical and Ultraviolet Spectra of X Persei”

Thesis Papers      : “Photoelectric Observations of X Persei”, S. Engin, K. Yüce,

Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, IBVS-No: 4454 (1997).

 “Line Profile Changes in X Persei”, S. Engin, K. Yüce,

Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, IBVS-No: 4648, (1998).


PhD. Dept. of Astronomy and Space Sciences (2003),

Ankara University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences,

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Semanur Engin & Prof. Dr. Saul J. Adelman (The Citadel, USA)

Thesis Topic: “The Spectral Analyses of 4 Lac and nu Cep Stars”

Thesis Papers            : “Spectral Analysis of 4 Lacertae and nu Cephei”, K. Yüce,

Baltic Astronomy, vol. 14, 51-82 (2005)

Dissertation Summary in SCI: “Spectral Analyses of 4 Lacertae and nu Cephei”, K. Yüce, The Publications of Astronomical Socities of the Pacific, vol. 115, issue 809, p.888 (2003).

Poster in International Congress: “Abundances in 4 Lacertae and nu Cephei”, K. Yüce, in the A-Star Puzzle, held in Poprad-Slovakia, IAU- Symposium, No. 224, (Edited by J. Zverko, J. Ziznovsky, S.J. Adelman, and W.W. Weiss), Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, p.873-878 (2004).

Lecture in National Congress: “Geç B/Erken A Tayf Türü Süperdev Yıldızlarından 4 Lacertae ve nu Cephei’nin Tayfsal  Analizleri”, K. Yüce, 31 Ağustos-4 Eylül 2004, Kayseri, XIV. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi Bildiri kitabı,  s.81-85.

Academic Titles:




Research Assistant

Astronomy and Space Sciences

1994 - 2002

Assistant Professor

Astronomy and Space Sciences

2004 –


Guest Investigator

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

Title: “Model Atmosphers”

Advisor: Dr. Fiorella Castelli




MSc Thesis Conducted  :


Title of Thesis / Term Projects* Konusu


Tolgahan Kılıçoğlu

An Elemental Abundance Study of the Low Amplitude delta Scuti Star 20 CVn


January 2008

R. Canan Şahin*

Spectral Measurements of HD 43836 (B9II) using TÜBİTAK National Observatory-Coude Echelle Spectra


June 2008

F. Başak Eminoğlu

Chemical Abundance Analysis of HD 39866 (A2 II) using TÜBİTAK National Observatory-Coude Echelle Spectra


October 2009

Sıla Eryılmaz

Spectral Reductions and Chemical Abundance Analyses of the Stars 89 Cet and
29 And using TUBITAK National Observatory (
TUG) Coude Echelle Spectra


November 2011

Erkan Fedar

Elemental Abundance Examination of A and Early F Spectral Type Main Sequence Stars

24.03.2011 –


Senem Erden Çabuk

Physical and Chemical Properties of Normal A Star Atmospheres


August 2016

PhD Thesis : Fatma Başak Eminoğlu (qualification phase in PhD)

Project and Duty :

  • Researcher, “Photoelectric Prohotometry of Some Interacting Binary Stars” TUBITAK Research Project no: TBAG-1369, (completed:1999)
  • Researcher, Popular and Educational Astronomy Activities in Ankara University Observatory, TUBITAK – Science in Society Projects, Project no: 107B074 (completed: 2007)
  • Principal Investigator, “Chemical Abundance Analyses using CES Spectra of A, Early F, Am and Fm Stars”, TÜBİTAK National Observatory Project no: TUG-RTT150.08.49, (2008- continued)
  • Researcher, “Chemical Abundance Determiantions in Classical Algol Stars”, TUBITAK Research Project no: 109T708, (completed: 2009)


Professional Membership :

  • Turkish Astronomical Society (TAD, 1997 - )
    Member of Board Directors (bookkeeper, 09/2008 cont.)
  • International Astronomical Union (IAU, 2009 - )
    2009 International Year of Astronomy - Coordinator of IAU - "She is an Astronomer" program of Turkey

Academic Experience:

  • Night Observer in Ankara University Observatory while I was the research assistant for about 8 years.
  • Observer during working photoelectric photometry of some supergiant stars at TÜBİTAK National Observatory.
  • Observer during working spectral analyses of chemical peculiar stars using RTT150 telescope of TÜBİTAK National.
  • Organizer’s for Amateur Astronomy Summer School of Ankara University Observatory and Popular and Educational Astronomy Activities.
  • TUBITAK National Observatory of Turkey, member of the Academic Advisory Board (2012 – continued)


1993 The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) scholarship for MSc study

1995 TÜBİTAK scholarship for scientific activities abroad

1997 International Astronomical Union Commission 38, Travel Grant

1997  Dr. Remeis-Sternwarte Observatory  Fellowship, 15 June-31 September 1997, Bamberg-Germany

2009 International Astronomical Union Grant, XXVII IAU General Assembly

2010  (12 months) TUBITAK - International Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Programme for Trieste Observatory, Italy


i) National Astronomy Congress:

1- I. Genç Astronomlar Toplantısı, Ankara Üniversitesi, 29-30 Ocak 1994, Ankara

2- IX. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, ODTÜ, 5-7 Eylül 1994, Ankara

3- II. Genç Astronomlar Toplantısı, İstanbul Üniversitesi, 28-29 Ocak 1995, İstanbul

4- X. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, İstanbul Üniversitesi, 2-6 Eylül 1996, İstanbul

5- XI. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, Fırat Üniversitesi, 7-10 Ağustos 1999, Elazığ

6- XIV. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, Erciyes Üniversitesi, 31 Ağustos-4 Eylül 2004, Kayseri

7- XV. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 28 Ağustos-1 Eylül 2006, İstanbul

8- XVI. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, 08-12 Eylül 2008, Çanakkale

9- XVIII. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, İnönü Üniversitesi, 27 Ağustos-1 Eylül 2012, Malatya

10- XIX. Ulusal Astronomi Kongresi, In honor of Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt Ezer, Middle East Technical University, 2-6 February 2015, Ankara, (Invited talk)

ii) International Astronomy Congress:

1- “Workshop:Lectures in Radio Astronomy, 3-17 Jan 1995, TÜBİTAK-MAM, Gebze

2- “Summer School: Interacting Binary Stars”, 3-27 July 1995, Mexico

3- “Carbon Star Phenomenon 177 IAU Symposium”, 27-31 May 1996, Antalya

4- “Astronomische Geselleschaft "Stars and Galaxies”, 22-27 September 1997, Innsbruck, Austria

5- “ESO Workshop on "Cyclical Variability in Stellar Winds”, 14-17 October 1997,

 Garching, München-Germany

6- “NATO-ASI “Variable Stars as Important Astrophysical Tools”, 31 Aug-11 Sept. 1998, Çeşme

7- “IAU Symposium No. 224, The A-Star Puzzle”, July 8-13, 2004, Poprad, Slovak-Republic

8- “Close Binaries in the 21st Century: New Opportunities and Challenges”, 27-30 June, 2005, Syros-Greece

9- “Workshop: ATLAS12 and RELATED CODES-Application to Elemental Abundance Determination”, 11-15 July, 2005, Trieste-Italy

10- “Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses”, 27 - 29 March 2006, Ankara University ORSEM-CAMPUS, Side, Antalya (L.O.C.)

11- “Workshop:  Non-LTE Line Formation for Trace Elements in Stellar Atmospheres”,

30 July-04 August 2007, Nice-France

12- “XXVII General Assembly”, IAU. August 03-14, 2009, Rio de Janerio- Brazil

13- “Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars”,

     June 03-07, 2013, Moscow – Russia Federation

14- “IAU Symposium No.330, Astrometry and Astrophysics in the GAIA Sky", April 24-28, 2017, Nice – France