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Title and name         : Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çetin KOÇAK
Birth date and place: 04.08.1951, Antakya, Hatay, Turkey
Work address           : Ankara University, Engineering Faculty, Chemical Eng. Department, Tandoğan 06100,
                                     Ankara, Turkey
Tel. No.    : +90-312-203 3438,    Fax No.: +90-312-212 15 46
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I was born in Antakya on 4th of August, 1951. I finished Antakya Lycee and entered Chemical Engineering Department of Istanbul University in 1968. Having won a Turkish Ministry of Education scholarship to study abroad, I went to Britain in 1969 and earned my B.Sc, M.Sc., and  Ph.D degrees there before returning home in 1980. I worked as a researcher at Ankara Nuclear Research and Training Center for about six years. Subsequently, I moved to Chemical Engineering Department of Ankara University to start an academic career as an assistant professor.  I received my associate professorship in 1991 and full professorship in 2009. I have completed 4 projects including an FP6 coordination action and supervised four M.Sc. theses.
Most of my publications are single-authored. So far, 49 publications have given me 54 citations.
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PERIOD              DESCRIPTION                                                                                            
1964-1968          State boarding school bursary
1968                    Basic sciences bursary from Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey
1969-1980           Turkish Ministry of Education scholarship to study abroad
1974                    Anglo-Turkish Society Essay Prize
1974                    British Council Overseas Students Fees Award
1985                    ICTP support for the Third College on Microprocessors
1985                    ICTP support for the 2nd Workshop on Mathematics in Industry
2017                   Visiting scholar support, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
DEGREE              UNIVERSITY                  DEPARTMENT               
B.Sc.                    Birmingham (England)    Chemical Engineering     1975
M.Sc.                    Salford (England)           Chemistry                        1976
Ph.D.                    Aston (England)              Chemical Engineering     1980
PERIOD              DESCRIPTION                                                                                            
1974 Summer     Vacation training, Commonwealth Zinc Smelting Co., Avonmouth, Bristol
1977-1979           Demonstrator, Aston University
1980-1986           Researcher, Ankara Nuclear Research and Training Centre
1986-1991           Assistant professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Ankara University
1991-2009            Associate professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Ankara University
2009-                    Full professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Ankara University
2004-2007            Associated professor representative on Faculty Board of Engineering Faculty
2016-2017            Visiting scholar at Beckman Institute, UIUC, USA
Associated Member of  IChemE (1977-2014)
• My doctoral work culminated in a CSSL-type, Fortran-based, simultaneous modular dynamic simulation package called ACES. The latter achieved simultaneity via its novel twice-round execution of dynamic modules whenever the initially selected integration driver needed fresh derivatives. In the first round, each module retrieved its own state-variables from an up-to-date composite vector and attended to some local algebraic equations. In the second round, each module did further local calculations if necessary before estimating and forwarding derivatives for co-integration by the driver.
My pertinent works are labelled K3, K4, K8, K13, K14, K15, K32, and K34.
• An interesting opening was a standard factorial experimental design application to optimize oxidative thermal decomposition of low density polyethylene (LDPE) in a semi-batch system. Preliminary experiments indicated that the reaction temperature (T), the reaction time (t), and the air feed rate ( ) were the three most important factors (inputs)
affecting the three outputs of interest, namely the acid number ( ), the liquid yield ( ), and the peroxide number ( ). It was decided to employ the form   to link each output to the inputs x.
Notice that this response surface had 7 coefficients k to be determined by the principle of least squares. Allowing two levels (low and high) for each variable, the standard factorial experimental design required   runs which changed all inputs simultaneously rather than one at a time, thereby reducing the number of experiments needed. A ninth run was added with medium level (nominal) inputs to obtain a measure of the error involved. Let F be a   design matrix where each row is associated with a run and the columns are ones,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , and   respectively. Further, let  denote the (Moore-Penrose generalized) pseudoinverse of F, i.e.  . The so-called normal equations are   where   and  . The formal least squares solution is  . (In Matlab, simply write .) Now, it is known that because variables in models are often highly correlated, when experimental data are collected, the   matrix can be badly conditioned, and thus the estimates of the values of the coefficients in a model can have considerable associated uncertainty. The method of factorial design avoids this problem by using scaled (or coded) variables X where +1 and -1 values correspond to high and low values of x. This forces the data to be orthogonal, decouples the normal equations, and makes   diagonal. The required transformation is  ,  and  denoting the nominal and perturbation values of the ith input. In the application, the experiments were carried out in random order. Having established K, the process was optimized for   which was associated with carboxylic (particularly fatty) acid production.
Details are referred to K26.
•  Iterative solution of a scalar nonlinear equation f(x)=0  proceeds by making a correction h at each step to x such that the estimated f(x+h)=0 . Any iterative solver g(x)=x+h  is in fact piecewise linearization approximating f by a series of straight lines with slope m(x)   going through the current iterate (x,f) and (x+h ,0). So,h=-f(x)/m(x).  (Recall that Newton’s method uses the current tangent to approximate f, that is m(x)=f'(x) .)  I created a class of third-order iterative solvers in the form g(x)=x+f(x)u(x) where m(x)=-1/u(x). At a solution z,  f(z)=0, g(z)=z, g'(z)=g''(z)=0. See my works labelled K28 and K30. McNamee & Pan (see C35) briefly described this class in their book.
•  There were three phases in the development of Koçak’s method  gK  to accelerate the convergence of an iterator g(x)=x attempting to solve a scalar nonlinear equation f(x)=0. Omitting argument x for brevity:
          gK=(g-m x)/(1-m),  m=w g'+(1-w)g'(z)=g'(z)+w(g'-g'(z)).
It amounted to (piecewise) linearization of g where m denotes the slope of a line passing through the iterate (x,g) and (gK,gK). The first version employed   (see K29 and K31). The second version (see K35 and K39) keyed this weight to the convergence order n of g as follows:
    If  n=1, then w=1/2  with the result that gK is of third order;
    If  n=2, then w=1/2  again with the result that gK is of third order;
    If  n>2, then w=1/n  with the result that gK is of (n+1)th order.
The third version (see K41) performed well adjusting w at x so as to force w at z to the above-given limits.
•  I published applications iteratively solving equilibrium problems (K28) and accelerating their solution (K29).
•  I applied Ostrowski’s fourth-order method to flash calculations (K33) and solution of cubic equations of state (K37).
•  I devised a way for “Simple, Robust, and Fast Iterative Solution of Underwood’s Equation for Minimum Reflux” (K36).
•  I co-authored an invited book chapter in 2006, titled “Waste Plastic Pyrolysis in Free-Fall Reactors”. See K27.
•  I gave an invited lecture at Coimbra University, Portugal, in 2008, titled “Convergence Acceleration”.
•  I devised an amazing iterator, called Koçak’s double linearization loop, for the solution of a scalar nonlinear equation (see K40). It was a powerful and robust contribution in this field. Tests including a case of a multiple root showed that it worked superbly where other solvers failed. Hopefully, it will prove to be a good, pioneering numerical analysis tool. Briefly, g(x)=x+h-f(x+h)/m(x+h), h=-f(x)/m(x).
•  My latest noteworthy product was Koçak’s 2-wing workbench for nonlinear least squares. One wing called Matlab solvers directly, the other via varpro - a short reference to variable projection. Five solvers could operate in either wing: fminunc, fmincon, nlinfit, lsqcurvefit, and lsqnonlin. Function fminsearch could be called directly only. Together, these solvers offered the user over ten algorithms. The versatile and robust workbench docked applications as a nested Matlab function housing two user blocks. Let T and x respectively denote the nonlinear and linear parameters (or predictors) to tune and t be the independent variable of a function y(T,x,t). Let W be a diagonal matrix of point weights w. Further, let T, x, t, y,  , and z be column vectors where each row corresponds to a data point. Consider a separable nonlinear least squares (shortly, SNNLS) problem
Observe that each column in the design matrix F is associated with a basis function f(T,t) . Varpro solution involves two loops one inside the other. The outer one operates on T whereas the inner one tends to the linear least squares problem which can be stated as
    Given T:  .
P is called a projection matrix or projection functional. Varpro harnesses the singular value decomposition (SVD) of  :
where N is the number of experimental points and   be the number of columns in F. Omitting subscripts N and  ,
     ,  ,  .
As can be seen, P need not be calculated explicitly. Note that  :
See K43.    
•  During my sabbatical visit to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, I successfully applied Koçak’s workbench for nonlinear least squares to an interesting but difficult problem, namely, characterization of viscoelastic materials by spherical nanoindentation. It was a separable nonlinear least squares case:
T and x respectively had n and n+1 elements where n itself was unknown. Physically, h was the indentation measured as the ramp-hold response of a standard linear solid (SLS) model which comprised one spring and n Kelvin-Voigt units in series. Each Kelvin-Voigt unit had a spring and a dashpot connected in parallel. Each spring (dashpot) represented an elastic (viscous) component.
•  As listed later, 49 publications have given me 54 citations so far.
•  Process modelling, simulation, control, design, and optimisation
•  Experimental design
•  Numerical methods
•  Computer programming in various environments including Fortran, Matlab, and Simulink
I intend to develop a Matlab-based, twice-round, simultaneous modular simulation package. Furthermore, I would like to enter:  
•  Advanced control
•  Fractional derivatives
•  Moment techniques
•  Image processing
•  Microfluidics (Lab-on-a-chip, LOC)
PERIOD              DESCRIPTION                                                                                            
1982-1983          State Ministry and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
                           1983 Research and Development Inventory of Turkey
1989-1990          Ankara University Research Fund, No. 89-25-00-20
                            Koçak M Ç,  Özkazanç O
                            Response of a Packed Column to a Step Change in Reboiler Heat Load
1991-1992           Ankara University Research Fund, No. 91-25-00-16
                            Koçak M Ç,  Karagöz A R
                            Online Computer Control of a Batch Polymerisation Reactor
2009-2010           Representation of Ankara University in a Coordination Action Project in FP6
                            INNOVA-MED, Innovative processes and practices for wastewater treatment and re-use in the Mediterrenean region (INCO-CT-2006-517728)
1.  Karagöz A R 1991
     Online Computer Control of a Batch Polymerisation Reactor, M.Sc. thesis, Ankara University
2.  Ünal İ 1995
     Application of Dynamic Matrix Control to a Polymerisation Reactor, M.Sc. thesis, Ankara University
3.  Kocaoğlu M A 2010
     Minimisation of Transportation Cost of a Fuel Distribution System via Linear Programming, M.Sc. thesis, Ankara
4.  Erşan A 2010
     Temperature Control of a Batch Polymerisation Reactor, M.Sc. thesis, Ankara University
•  Computer Programming
•  Stoichiometry
•  Numerical Methods
•  Thermodynamics
•  Chemical Engineering Mathematics
•  Chemical Engineering Economy
•  Introduction to Dynamic Simulation
•  Process Control
•  Optimisation
•  Research Techniques
•  Applied Numerical Methods
•  Multicomponent Distillation
•  Process Control
Koçak M Ç 2008
Convergence Acceleration. Chemical Engineering Department, Coimbra University, Portugal.
Recall that K, C, and R respectively label own work, citation, and reference.

LABEL DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                              
K1        Koçak M Ç 1975
            The role of nuclear power in the present energy crisis with particular reference to the light water reactors
            Technical report, Chem. Eng. Dept., Birmingham University, England.
K2        Koçak M Ç 1976
             A radiochemical study of manganese self-diffusion in synthetic faujasites
             M.Sc. dissertation, Salford University, England     (Supervisor: Dr. Alan Dyer)
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K3        Koçak M Ç 1980
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LABEL DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                              
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            Letter to the editors
            Comput. Chem. Engng, 16(9) 817                                                   ISSN: 0098-1354
            “It is noteworthy that the notion of twice-round execution was conceived and implemented in my doctoral
            work prior to that of Fagley. I shall be grateful if you kindly make this fact public

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M Ç 2008
          Simple geometry facilitates iterative solution of a nonlinear equation via a special transformation to accelerate
                convergence to third order

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