Surname : COŞKUN
E-Mail :
Phone Number : +90 312 203 3001-3002
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Department of Pharmacuetical Botany
Personal Information
Name: .Prof.Dr. Maksut Coşkun.
Office Address: Department  Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University, Tando∂an 06100 Ankara-.Turkey
Phone:+ 312 203 30 01 , Direct: +90 312  222 04 71
Fax    +90 312 21310 81
Home Address: İş Turkuaz Caddesi 10B-22, Bağlıca-Etimesgut-Ankara-Turkey
Phone: +312 33103010
     Personal History:                                      
     I was born on April 30th,1951 in Dikyamaç/Artvin  (Turkey). I went to primary school at the same place, my secondary education was at Huseyin Güllüo∂lu Ortaokulu in Ankara. I was graduated from high school in 1967 at Yyldyrym Beyazit Lisesi in Ankara. For one year I studied at  School of Architecture and Engineering, then transfered to the  Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University. I graduated as a pharmacist in June 1973 and then I was accepted as an assistant to the department of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany at the same faculty in 1974. I started to study on Dryopteris and Asplenium species(ferns) as doctorate thesis and completed in 1978. I have been Japan in 1981 for nine months(Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences, Higashi Nippon Gakuin University, Hokkaido) and England three months in 1985 (University of Strathclyde, Department of Pharmacy Glasgow). In 1988 I  visited Japan again for six moths and studied on the constituens of  some Turkish Rhamnus species at Kobe Gakuin University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences .In order to complete to the Joint Project, I visited Meiji College of Pharmacy(Tokyo-Japan) for one month in 1994 and 2000, provided grand by JSPS. 
     I was promoted to Assis. Professor. in 1982 , Assoc. Professor. in 1987 and full Professor in 1993. I was received a vice dean position  of faculty of pharmacy between March 1995 to May 2008.  I was appointed as the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy  in 15 January 2009 . Now I am  dean of  Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University  and  ateaching staff member of Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy.
            Marital Status:                                     
            Married with Remziye(Özban, born in 1954) on June 26 th, 1976. Have a daughter, M.Pınar, born on July 17 th, 1977 and a son Mehmet Ali, born on december 2 nd, 1980.
            Academic activities:                                
            During my doctorate and postdoctorate studies , I made numerous excursion and field research in Turkey,  and collected many Herbarium specimens and research material. After proper identification, they retained in the herbarium(AEF).
     -Works as a researcher  in 11 projects that supported by Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council and Ankara University Research Funds.
     -Works as a director in 6 projects that supported by the above mentioned institute.
    - Supervising 20 PhD and Master Courses thesis.
    - Published 7 books and 110 reseach articles.
    - Submited  102 oral and poster presentetions.
     Foreing Language Capacity: A fair knowledge of English.
I am interested in most of the fields of sport, especially volleyboll, table tennis, tennis, hunting and fishing.
     I have a slide collection (about 10.000 slides) covers plants from Turkey, historical remains and sceneries. I also have a  
stamp collection includes foreing and Turkish memorial stamps.
     Members and Other Social Activities:
      - Members of Ankara Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences
     - Members of Ankara Amateur Photographers Society
     - Members of Phytochemical Society of Europea
     - Members of The Society of Medicinal Plants Research
     -Members of The Organization for the Phyto-Taxonomic  investigation of the
Mediterranean Area(OPTIMA)
      -Founder and member of The society of Pharmacognosy and Phyototherapy of Turkey
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