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Phone Number : 03122033435
Title : PROF.DR.
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Name                         : Ülkü Mehmetoğlu

Date of birth              : 5 September 1954

Place of birth             : Bafra, TURKEY

Sex                             : Female

Marital status            : Married, 2 Children

e-mail                         :



B.Sc. and M.Sc.         : Chemical Engineering, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey,


Ph.D.                          : Chemical Engineering, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey,




June 1977-October 1984                    : Teaching and Research Assistantship, Chemical

                                                 Engineering Department, Hacettepe University,

             Ankara, Turkey.


October1984-October 1985               :Ph.D., Teaching and Research Assistantship,

                                                            Chemical Engineering Department, Hacettepe

                                                            University, Ankara, Turkey.


October 1985 - October 1989                        : Assistant.Prof., Chemical Engineering

  Department, Ankara  University, Ankara, Turkey.


October 1989  -July 1998                   : Associate Prof., Chemical Engineering

   Department, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.


September 1993 - May 1994              : Visiting Scientists, Chemical Engineering

   Department.,  Pennsylvania State University,

   Pennsylvania, USA.


July 1998-                                           : Prof., Chemical Engineering Department, Ankara

                                                              University, Ankara, Turkey.




 Prof., Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Ankara University, Tandoga,, Ankara, Turkey.





M.Sc. Thesis


1-Sevilay Gülşen, “Ethyl alcohol production with free and immobilized Z.mobilis ”,  1988.

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16. Günay Baydar, “


Ph.D. Thesis


1-Afife Güvenç, “Extraction of Ethanol from Fermentation Broth Using Supercritical  CO2 ”, 1997.

2-Emine Bayraktar, “Investigation of the effect of axial mixing in three phase packed bed bioreactors and application of results to citric acid production process with immobilized A.niger”,  1998.

3-Hamdi Kapucu, “Phenyl acetaldahyde production from phenyl ethanol by biotransformation”, 2000.

4. Tarık Abuhamed, “ Bidegradation of benzene, toluene and phenol in aliquid-two phase system”,  2002.

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8- Rahime Songür, “ Steroselective reduction of haloketones for production of enantimerically pure  halohydrin  precursor of (S)- propranolol”, (continuing).

9- Ayşe İyigün,”Kinetic resolution of racemic propranolol”, (continuing).




Undergraduate and Graduate:


1- Industrial Chemistry I (Hacettepe University)

2- Industrial Chemistry II (Hacettepe University)

3- Inorganic Technology (Hacettepe University)

4- Heat Transfer (Ankara University)

5- Chemical Reaction Engineering (Ankara University)

6- Thermodynamic (Ankara University)

7- Chemical Engineering Thermodynamic (Ankara University)

8-  Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals (Ankara University)

9- Chemical Engineering Laboratory I (Ankara University)

10- Chemical Engineering Laboratory II (Ankara University)

11- Reactor Design (Ankara University)

12- Process Design I (Ankara University)

13- Process Design II (Ankara University)

14. Biotransformation Processes (Graduate, Ankara University)

15- Instrumental Analysis  (Ankara University)

16- Mathematics  for Chemical Engineering (Ankara University)

17- Advanced Reaction Engineering (Graduate, Ankara University)

18- Biochemical Production with Plant Cells (Graduate, Ankara University)

19. Biological Waste-Water Treatment (Ankara University)

20. Research Technics I and II (Ankara University)

21. Biotechnological Seminers (Graduate, Ankara University)

22. Principles of Biotechnologicl Technics (Graduate, Ankara University)



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