Surname : OZANSOY
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 203 31 36
Title : PROF.DR.
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Ph.D.:  Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, Physiology, 1986

M.Sc.:  Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, 1976



 Prof. Dr.: Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy  2004-

Assoc.Prof.:  Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, 1994-2004

Lecturer: Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, 1989-1994

Res. assistant:  Ankara Üniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, 1980-1986



Member: Pharmacology consulting committe at Ministry of Health (2002-2013)

Member: Manager Board (1997-2002)          



  • Diabetic dyslipidemia and treatment strategies
  • Diabetic cardiovascular complications and treatment strategies
  • Oxidative stress and antioxidants
  • Experimental menopause and vascular complications, treatment strategies




·         A study on a new adult type 2 diabetic rat model: Pharmacodynamic interaction between pioglitazone and insulin on thoracic aorta: TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey-SBAG-AYD-460. researcher)

·         Antioxidants and aldose reductase blockade in prevention of late diabetic complications: study on new pyridoindole derivatives, TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) -SBAG-2397 and ANKARA Univ- Research Grant -2001-08-03-031 , researcher)   

·         Effects of statin treatment on diabetic ventricular myocyte dysfunction in mice (ANKARA Univ, Res. Grant - 2005.08.03.053 , project leader) 

·         The role of estrogen receptors on  diabetic ovariectomized rats  induced vascular dysfunction and the effects of estrogen treatments. (ANKARA Univ, Res. Grant - BAP 2007 08 03 004 HP, project leader) 

·         Effects of low-dose, long-term fluvastatin treatment on oxidative/nitrosative parameters in peripheric tissues of STZ-diabetic rats Ankara Univ, Res. Grant, BAP- 2008 0803061 , researcher )

·         STZ- diabetic rats as a glyco-oxidatif aging model: Effects of pyridoindol Sme1C2 on vascular reactivity, endothel dysfunction and tissue protein oxidation. Ankara Univ, Res. Grant (10 B 336002, researcher)

·         Effects of aliskiren on insulin resistance and cardiovascular dysfunction in a rat model of diabetes mellitus: The high-fed, STZ-treated rat. (Ankara Univ, Res.  Grant researcher  )





·         Ceylan-Isik AF, Ari N, Stefek M, Sotnikova R, Ozansoy G, Horakova L, Karasu Ç., Effects of a long-term treatment with an antioxidant pyridoindole on vascular responsiveness in diabetes-induced aging rats. Curr Aging Sci. 4(2):150-7, 2011. 

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      Gen Pharmacol.;24(1):115-9,1993.