Name : ÖZLEM
Surname : ATAY
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Phone Number : 90 312 595 12 43
Title : PROF.DR.
Department : Management Department
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Prof. Dr. Özlem Atay Autobiographical Note

Özlem Atay is a professor of Management at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey since 1996. She is the Head of Management and Organization Chair in the Department of Management.  She was Vice Head of Management Department between 1999 and 2002. She teaches Management and Organization, Human Resources Management, Enterprise Policy and Strategic Management, Modern Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Management of Multinational Enterprises, Introduction to Management, Management and Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, Management, Management Practices in Turkish Enterprises, Successful Case Study Method in Turkish Enterprises, Human Resources Management Practices, Strategic Human Resources Management, Contemporary Management Practices in Turkish Enterprises and Women in Management. She worked at Turkish National Productivity Center as a specialist between 1988 and 1996. She has led a number of training/consulting/research missions in public and private sector enterprises. She specializes in management, organizational behavior, productivity improvement techniques, human resources management, strategic management, energy, quality management, gender and women studies. She is the author of five books, chapters in seven books published by international publication companies and many academic articles in English and Turkish. She has received research scholarships from the World Bank, the Turkish Academy of Sciences, Ankara University, Curtin University, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute, Turkish Higher Education Institution…etc.. She was a visiting professor at Curtin University Graduate School of Business, Perth, Australia, in 2006; at Aalborg University College of Business, Aalborg, Denmark, in 2008, at Valparaiso University College of Business Administration, Valparaiso, USA in 2011, at Northern Illinois University College of Business, Management Department, DeKalb, USA in the 2012-2013 academic years. She won two “Best Paper Award”, “Success Award” and “Award of Excellence” with four papers presented at four different international conferences. She represents Turkey at the international gender research consortium, the Women in Higher Education Management (WHEM) Network. The WHEM Network brings together internationally-recognized gender in HE researchers in 14 countries-– Australia, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, India, Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, USA and the UK. WHEM Network, published its first book with Palgrave - Gender, Power and Management - in April 2011. The Network’s second book with Palgrave, Generation and Gender in Academia, is published in June 2013.The third multi-country research book with Palgrave- Gendered Success in Higher Education: Global Perspectives- is published in February, 2017 ( She published four books titled “Electricity Service Privatization in Turkey(April 2016)”,   “Innovation Systems (November 2017) ”, “Academic Women(2000)”,  “Work Study Practices in Turkish Enterprise( 1996) with coauthors. She is the sole author of the book titled “Collaboration and Management (1999)”. She can speak fluent English, good German. Turkish is her mother tongue. She has many international and national journal peer-review and “Editorial Board” membership responsibilities.

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