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Phone Number : 0(312) 230 3501
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Personal Information

Prof. Dr.Dr.theol.h.c.  Mualla SELÇUK


Professor of Religious Education Divinity Faculty
Ankara University
06500 Beşevler

Phone: +90 312-2126800/299 ; + 90 312- 2303501



Prof. Mualla Selçuk was born in 1956. She graduated from Ankara University School of Divinity in 1980 with a B.Sc. degree. In 1983, she was appointed as a research assistant in the same school. In 1989, she was granted a Ph.D. following the dissertation of her doctoral thesis called “Religious Patterns in the Education of Pre-School and School Age Children.” In 1992, she became an associate professor and in 1999 she was appointed as a full professor at Religious Education Department. Currently she works as professor of Religious Education at Ankara University Divinity School.



Academic and Administrative Duties and Awards

  July 1998-March 2003, Ministry of National Education, General Director of Religious Education

   April 2001-April 2008, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Member of Religious High Council. (First female member)

     September 2002- November 2008, Ankara University, Dean of  Faculty of Divinity

  November 2008-present, Ankara University Centre of African Studies, Member of Executive Board

   October 2009- October 2013, Head of Teacher Training Department for RE

      March 2013- February 2018 Dırector of Continuing Education Center

March 2014- present, Ankara University Centre of Assessment and Evaluation, Member of Executive Board


July   2004 - present    Full member of ISREV (International Seminar on Religious   Education and Values) and member of Board of Trustees and Executive Committee( 2016-2018)

Member of Advisory Council in WCRP (World Conference on Religion and Peace- Education Standing Commission)

Member of International Advisory Board of British Journal of Religious Education

Member of Editorial Board of  Religious Education: The Journal of Religious Education Association 

Member of Editorial of Advisory Board of Theo Web, Academic Journal of Religious Education

Member of Advisory Board of Forum Islamic-Theological Studies

Member of Global Relations Forum(GRF) Istanbul

Board Member of Religious Education Association(REA) Member at-Large( 2013- 2014)

President of Religious Education Association(REA) (The position starts in 2016 as Vice President and continues in 2017 as Program Chair and President Elect and in 2018 as President and in 2019 as Past President)

2014- The Successful Woman of the Year( Memur-Der)

The Order of Merit- Federal Republic of Germany (the 9th of October  2020) 

Honorary Doctorate by University of Lucerne -Swetzerland ( the 4th of November 2021)



Organizer / Convenor/ Programme Chair of International Conferences on Interreligious and  Interfaith Education and Coexistence

Chair of Organizing Committee of  International Symposium on Religious Education, 20–21 November 1997, Ankara University, Ankara ,Turkey.


Chair of Organizing Committee of International Symposium on New Methodological Approaches   in Religious Education, 20-30 March 2001, Istanbul ,Turkey.


Convenor of ISREV XVI (International Seminar on Religious Education and Values) Religious Education and the Theology of Religions: The Relationship between the Self-understanding of Religion and Religious Education Today, 27 July-1 August 2008, Ankara University, Ankara,Turkey.


Host of Interfaith Conference on “The Roots of Human Dignity in the Islamic and Christian Traditions”, 3-4 October 2005, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.


Host of Interfaith Conference  on “The Relationship between  Authority and Individual:

Theological Bases  in  Christianity and Islam”,16-17 May 2007, Ankara University,





Host of Interfaith Conference on “The Understanding of  Revelation in Christianity and Islam”, 23-24 October 2009, Ankara University, Turkey.


President Elect and Program Chair of REA 2017 Conference on “Learning in Encounter: Crossroads, Connections, Collaborations”, 3-5 November, St.Louis, Missouri, USA.

Vice Program Chair of ISREV for: 2020-2022

Member of Scientific/ Steering Committee for Social Justice in Multicultural Settings( SJMS 2022) The Arab Academic College for Education in Israel-Haifa, June 7-9, 2022




International Conference Presentations


1.  “New Moments in Islamic Education, Islamic Education in West Europe” 15-16 il April1996, Academie voor Theologie en Levensbeschouwing ,Holland.

2. “Nasıl Bir Din Öğretimi(What kind of RE)International Symposium on RE, Ankara University Faculty of Divinity and TOMER, 20–21 November 1997, Ankara,Turkey.

3. “2000’li Yıllara Girerken İrşad Anlayışımız Üzerine Bazı Düşünceler” (Towards 2000’s Some Remarks on Public RE), Second International Religious Council23–27 November 1998, Ankara,Turkey.

4. “Peace Education in Interreligious Projects”, World Conference On Religion and Peace (W.C.R.P), 25-29 November 1999, Amman,Jordan.

5.  “Caring For Future Generations: Euro-Mediterranean Conference An Inter-Religious Agenda”, UNESCO and Malta University 27- 29 January 2000, Valetta,Malta.

6.  “International Consultive Conference On School Education In Relation With Freedom Of Religion And Belief, Tolerance and Non Discrimination” 23–25 November 2001, Madrid,Spain.

7. “Education for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue”, 28–29 November 2002, Strasburg,France.

8. “Learning Community: The German Education System and Dialogue with Muslims”, Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture, 13–14 March, Weimar,Germany.

 9. “Der Islam im Westen Der Westen im Islam”, Osnabrück University28 October–01 November 2002, Osnabrück,Germany.

10Zwei Kulturen-Ein Weg in Europa”, 26-27 October 2002, Münster, Germany.

11. “Adolesence and RE”ISREV XIII, 28 July–2 August 2002, Kristiansand,Norway.

12. “Islam and Democracy” NATO Parliamentary Assembly, 10.Mediterranean Sea17-19 October 2004, Nouakchott,Mauritania.

13. “Religion and Violence: The Role of Religious Education and Values”ISREV XIV25-30 July 2004, Villanova University, Pennsylvania,USA.

14. “Ta’aruf: Qur’anic Concept and its Implication for Religious Education”, Different Faces of the Islamic Ummah in a Globalized World7 December 2005, Pakistan.

15. “İnternational Islamic Conference True Islam and Its Role in Modern Society”6 June 2005, Amman,Jordan.

16. “Re-Thinking Re in School in the Light of Contributions by John M. Hull to Turkish Experience”,Religious Education as Encounter21 October 2005, Amsterdam,Holland.

17. “el- Ahlak fi’t Terbiye’d Diniyye”, Doha Forth Conference For Religious Dialogue 25-27 April 2006, Qatar University, Doha,Qatar.

18. “The Theological Foundations of Religious Power in Islam and Christianity”Eugen Biser Foundation & Ankara University,& Ludwig Maximillians University 19-20 May 2006, Munich,Germany.

19. “Developing an Interfaith Dimension in RE: Theological Foundations and Educational Framework with Special Reference to Turkish Experience”Religious Education in a World of Religious Diversity (ISREV XV), 30 July-04 August 2006, Driebergen,Holland.

20. “The Contribution of RE to Democratic Culture (Challenges and Opportunities)Religion, Spirituality and Character9-11 February 2007Cambridge, England.

21. “Under What Conditions can Islamic Pedagogy Promote an Understanding of Individualized Religion?”, Religious Education and the Theology of Religions: The Relationship between the Self-understanding of Religion and Religious Education Today27 July- 1 August 2008, Ankara,Turkey.

22. “Understanding of Islam and the Challenges of Modern Age”, Islam Frauen und Europa Seminar für ReligionswissenchaftLeibniz Universitat14-16 November 2008, Hannover, Germany.

23. “Building Bridges and Right Relations: A Study in Promoting an Understanding of Individualized Religion”,  International Network on Promoting Female Leadership in Intercultural and enterreliğious Dialogue, Federal Menistry for European and Intarnational Affairs, 24-26 June  2010, Viyana,Avusturya.

24. “A Definition of Jihad and İt’s Relationship to RE in a Word of Religious Diversity”, Religious Education and Freedom of Religion and Belief, International Seminar on Religious Education and Values (ISREV. XVII), 25-30 July 2010, Saint Paul University Ottova,Canada.

25. “Faith and Reason in Christianity and Islam, Interreligious Symposium”, Eugen Biser Foundation & Ankara University, 22-23 October 2010, Munich,Germany.

26. “What are possible futures for the field of Religious Education? Where are we and where might we be going? In the Flow: Learning religion and religiously learning amidst global cultural flows”,Religious Education Association (REA annual meeting), 7–9 November 2010 Denver,Colorado.

27. “An Islamic Worldview: Religion in a Modern, Secular, Democratic State’’ (with Dr. John Valk), Respecting History and Remembrance in Religious Education Research,International Seminar on Religious Education and Values (ISREV XVIII), 29 July- 03  August 2012, Christian Institute, Turku,Finland.

30. “An Islamic Worldview, Project Update” (with Dr.John Valk), Multiple Intersections: Religious Education and Gender, Class, ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Disability.(ISREV XIX), 27 July -01  August 2014, York St John University, York, England.

31. “Journeying into a Peaceful Islam(A Worldview Framework Approach) Work in Progress” (with Dr.John Valk), Religion and Education in the (Un)Making of Violence’ REA Annual Meeting 2014, 7-9 November 2014 ,Chicago-Oak Brook,Illinois, USA.

32. Third Summit of Christian and Muslim Religious Leaders, 2-4 December 2014, Rome, Italy

33. “An Insight from the Qur’an on Diversity”, Simposion Internacional Universidad Nacional28 April 2015, Costa Rica.

34. “Islamic Religion Education; the Experience of Ankara University”, Divinity Faculty, German-Turkish Science Year, 07-10 May 2015, Osnabrück University, Germany.

35. “Journeying into a Peaceful Islam: A Worldview Framework Approach) ” (with Dr.John Valk),16-18 October 2015, Tetova, Macedonia.

36. “Knowing Self and Others” ERASMUS Project, 3-5 February 2016, Padagogısche Hochschule, Karlsruhe.

37. “The Religious Educator as a Guide in Fostering Identity, Celebrating Diversitt and Building Community” Research Project (2016-2019), 1-3 November 2016, Pittsburgh, USA.

38. “Biographical Perspectives, God Works We Work” REA Annual Meeting Generating Hope, 4-5 November 2016, Pittsburgh, USA.

39. “Role of the Imam as a Religious Educator in the Mosque: Leadership in dialogic coexistence”, International Expert Meeting Entitled Imamate in the West, 28-29 November 2016,  Vrije Universiteit ,Amsterdam, Holland.

 40. “Encounter in Different Work Places: A Research on Top 250 Turkish Industrial Enterprise Managers’ Perceptions on Value Based Management”, (Özlem Atay and Nazmi Karyağdı ) REA Annual Meeting, 03-04 Kasım 2017, St. Louıs, Missouri ,USA

41. “Encountering the Differences in Religious Education: A Scale Development Study (1stStage)”, (Hasan Fehmi Özdemir and Ahmet Yemenici), REA Annual Meeting, 03-04 Kasım 2017, St. Louıs, Missouri ,USA

42. ”My Aunt Hopechest” A Muslim Perspective for Intercultural Education”, (Presidental Address), REA Annual Meeting, 03-04 Kasım 2017, St. Louıs, Missouri, USA

 43. Religious Education Pedagogy and Curriculum in Plural Context: A Muslim Perspective Comparative Perspectives and Contextual Challenges in Religious and Values Education” (Key note speaker) ISREV 29th July to 3rd August 2018, Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

44.Teaching Beyond Normativity: What Opportunities Does Religious Education Have to Create Brave Spaces and Overcome Cultural Biases?, REA Annual Meeting, 2-4 November 2018, Washington, USA.

45. “Learning in Encounter: A Muslim Perspective on Interreligious Education” (Key note speaker), 3rd. International Conference of Pedegogy: Education in Uncertain Times 11-12 October 2019,Braga, Portugal.

46. “Muslim Prayer” Coexistence in Divided Societies: Pedagogies of the Sacred, of Difference, and of Hope, REA Annual Meeting 1-3 November 2019, Toronto, Canada.

47. “Worldview Literacy in Education”(together with John Valk) Coexistence in Divided Societies: Pedagogies of the Sacred, of Difference, and of Hope, REA Annual Meeting 1-3 November 2019, Toronto, Canada.

48."Advancing RE through online Learning: Aspecial Experience from Turkey". Presented at , ISREV-XXII ( on-line) together with H. Ilgaz. The theme:Transition processes in the public sphere as context for religious and values education, Monday July 26th – Friday July 30th 2021Gothenburg, Sweden- University of Gothenburg 

49.".Worldview Literacy in the Academy and Beyond: Advancing Mutual Understanding in Diverse Societies "together with J. Valk&S.Miedema presented at ISREV-XXII ( on-line)  The theme:Transition processes in the public sphere as context for religious and values education, Monday July 26th – Friday July 30th 2021Gothenburg, Sweden- University of Gothenburg

50.“Exploring text and context relationship: Teaching as a bridge to students’ understanding of Qur’anic concepts”( on line)  presented at NICMCR Conference, Netherland and Indonesia cooperation, 23-24 February, 2022

51.Social Justice in Multicultural Settings: Worldview Approach for Teachers( International Seminar together with John Valk), Unesco Chair on Human Rights,Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 13 June, 2022 



International Teaching  Activities

 1.  ERASMUS lectures given on Islamic Pedagogy and Interfaith Education, In Holland and in  VU University   Amsterdam, Holland (in 12-17 January 2011)

2.Lectures given on Introduction to Spirituality ın Islam and Mutual Understanding,iVienna International Christian-Islamic Summer University (VICISU), Stift Altenburg, Vien, Austria ( 04-08 July 2010 and in 2-6 July 2012 and in 3-8 August 2014)

3. Scholar in Residence at Eden theological Seminary, St. Louıs, Missouri, USA, (Spring term,2017)

 4.  ERASMUS lectures given in the frame of “Worldview Literacy in Education: Advancing Mutual Understanding in Diverse Socities" Project under the title of Worldview education and Islam  (21-28.06.2019)

5. Lecture given on Islamic Worldview in University of New Brunswick in Canada as visiting scholar (04-15.11.2019)

6. Lecture delivered at the event of honorary degree from University of Lucerne( Luzern) on " Teaching and Learning for Inter-religious Encounters: An Islamic Perspective",  4 November,  2021

 7. Workshop contacted on "Social Justice in Multicultural Settings: A Worldview Approach for Teacher Education" together with JohnValk, 8 June, 2022


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