Surname : VELİOĞLU
E-Mail :
Phone Number : 312-2033300/3619
Title : PROF.DR.
Personal Information

Main Qualifications                             : Food  scientist,  main  topics  are  fruit  and

vegetable processing, food quality control,   food      chemistry and biochemistry

Education                                         :  

1977            High School, “Ankara Ataturk Lisesi”


                                1982            B. Sc. “Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture,   

                                            Department of Food Science and Technology”


1984            M.Sc., “Ankara University, Graduate School of

                                            Natural and Applied Sciences”


1991            Ph.D. “Ankara University, Graduate School of

                                            Natural and Applied Sciences”


Work Experience                  :

1982-1984                                  : Quality control director, Meybuz, A.Ş. (frozen  

                                                                  and canned foods company KAYSERİ.


1984-1986                                  : Obligatory military service, Erzurum.


1984-1994   : Research Asistant, “Ankara University, Faculty

                         of Agriculture, Department of Food Engineering”


1994 (5 months)       : Assistant professor, “Ankara University,

                                     Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food


 1994-2001   : Associate Professor, “Ankara University,

Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food   Engineering”

2001-(continues) :     Professor, “Ankara University,

                                    Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food


 1989-1990 (14 months) : Research scientist, Agricultur Canada Research Station Morden, Manitoba,  Canada

 1994-(continues)           : Member, Codex Alimentarius Commission,  Turkish National Codex Committee

 1996 (6 months)  : Research scientist, Agriculture and  Agri-Food    

                             Canada Research Center.  Summerland, British  

                             Columbia, Canada.

 1998 (2 months) : Visiting scientist, Institute of Arable Crops

                           Research. Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England.


Publications                 :  Total of 108 in English and Turkish

SCI Citations                 : 1752


Membership                 :  Turkish Association of Food Technologists


Languages                    :  Turkish, English,



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