Name : NEDİM
Surname : YILDIZ
E-Mail :,
Phone Number : 5332270150
Department : Departemant Teatre
Personal Information

· Born at Çanakkale in 1961.

· Graduated from Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Teaching, Music Teaching Programme in 1983.

· Assigned as a Musical Instrument (violin) Research Assistant to Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Teaching, Music Teaching Programme, in 1984.

· Completed his master degree at Gazi University, Institute of Sciences, Department of Music Teaching with a thesis of “A Research on different Violin Teaching Programmes in Higher Education Institutes of Music Teachers” in 1986. Gave a violin recital at the end of the academic year.

· Held lectures on Violin, Turkish Music Polyphony, Harmony, Solfegé, Orchestra and Education Music Composition between years 1984 – 1997. The Department participated to Camber Concerts with Violin and Viola in many instances.

· Assume a title on Competency in Arts in the same department in 1991.

· In the same year became a university lecturer under the Department of Musical Theory.

· Held Orchestra lectures in the Ankara Fine Arts High School of the Ministry of National Education in 1992 – 93. Performed concerts at the end of each academic year.

· Prepared a thesis on “Music in the Children’s Theatre” for the Ph.D program under Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Performing Arts in 1995.

· Assigned as a university lecturer to the Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Unit of Acting in 1997.

· Assigned as a Deputy Director to the Ankara Conservatory established in 1999 and completed his work here in July 2003.

· Holding courses of Solfejé, rhythmic, Makam Bilgisi ve Uygulaması, Prosody at the Conservatory till 1999.

· Became an Assistant Professor in 2000.

· Held the course of “Rhythm and Music Teaching” at Ankara University, Institute of Educational Sciences, M.A./Ph.D Program on Fine Arts starting from the year 2001 up to date.

· Holding courses of Solfejé, Chorus, Musicals/ Performances with Music (Müzikli Oyun) under the Department of Performing Arts, Unit of Acting starting from 1988 up to date.

· Performed several concerts as a group member of the “Üç Anadolu (Tree Anatolia)” starting from the year 2000 up to date.

· Performed the work of “Üç Anadolu (Three Anatolia)” CD/Cassette, Ministry of Culture Production, as a group member by in 2002.

· Worked as a composer, consultant and maestro for the presentations and performances of the “Theatre Tempo” production starting from 1993 till today.

· Composed several music for adult and children’s drama presentations held by Private and Government Theaters starting from 1988 till today.

· Composed many documentary film music as well as children’s program music broadcast at the Trukish Radio and Television (TRT).



Name of Course

Solfejé and Rhythm


Chorus Education


Makam Bilgisi ve Uygulaması


İlgi Alanları


Projects of Research (The last 3 Years)

Researches Completed ( The Last 5-10 Years)

Project - Date

Project- date


Periodical articals

Polyphony (2-3) Folkmusics (Book)

Children’s Songs (Musical note – recording TRT publication)

Folkmusic Arrangements Türkü Düzenlemeleri (“Sarı Gelin” album Ada Production)

Folkmusic Arrangements Türkü Düzenlemeleri and Songs “Üç Anadolu (Three Anatolia)” CD- Cassete Album Ministry of Culture Publication)


Obtain the first place in a competition with “the song of Social Democracy” at the song contest opened by the Social Democratic Public Party.

Received three first place, one second price, one third and four honorable mention at TRT Popular Children’s Song Contests.