Name : ZEHRA
Surname : ZEYBEK
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Title : PROF.DR.
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Research Topics:

- Modeling and Control of Processes by Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks Methods

-Treatment and Control of Industrial Wastewater

- Developing of Computer Programme For Artificial Intelligence Control

-Linear and Nonlinear Process Control




1990- Chemical engineer, Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering
1991- Res.Assist., Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering
1993- M.S. Degree, Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering
1998 Ph.D., Degree Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering
1998-2007 Ph.D. Res.Assist., Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering
2007  Assoc. Prof. Dr., Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering

2014- Prof.Dr. Ankara University, Department of Chemical Engineering



Undergraduate: Chemical Engineering Labs. Numerical Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Process Control

Graduate: Linear Control Systems


"Artificial Intelligence Control Design in Wastewater Treatment of a Commercial Dye Fabrique".Ankara University Research Foundation (2002-2004) Proje No: 2002.07.45.006(Executive)

"Application of Nonlinear Control systems on Chemical process", Ankara University Research Foundation (2000) Proje No: 990504001 (Researcher)

-Design of Practical Solar Water Heater  Coated ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers)(2006-2008) supported by Turkish National Scientific Council –TÜBİTAK (Inspector)

    -Evaluation  and Operating Condition Investigation of  Electrocoagulation process with computer control using  in Industrial wastewater treatment, Ankara University Research Foundation,(2012-2014) (Researcher)

A.    Publications 

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B.Proceedings and  International Presentations:

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